After a competitive UFC Fight Night 74 co-main event fought both on the feet and on the mat Neil Magny emerged as the split decision winner over Erick Silva tonight.

Round One:

Magny takes the center of the Octagon to start as they feel each other out at range. Silva misses with a hook as Magny ducks under.

Magny with a low kick and a punch behind it. A few punches now. Silva tries for a spinning elbow strike, but misses and falls to the mat as a result, which Magny immediately capitalizes on by getting in top. Silva is able to scramble and stands before then continuing the momentum and taking down his opponent.

Silva passes Magny’s guard quickly to side control. Unusually patient from silva in this position now. Magny tries to get up, but Silva is controlling him for the time being.

Two minutes in the round remaining and Magny manages to get back up and then takes Silva down. He tries to take Silva’s back and ends up partially mounted. Silva stands a couple of times and gets dragged down again. Now he does get up and stays up as he moves to the cage. Magny still attached though and presses him up against the cage.

Magny looking for a final takedown to end the round and does just that and quickly takes Silva’s back. Magny raining down some solid punches from this position. Magny has the Brazilian flattened out on the mat as the round ends.

Round Two:

Magny lands with a right hand. Spinning kick to the midsection from Silva. Magny using his range to his advantage with that lengthy jab.

Silva jumps into a kick up high and then a punch behind it. Now a hard kick to the body. Magny ducks and presses forward thinking about a takedown, but Silva defends and moves away.

Nice combination from Magny, connecting cleanly with an uppercut in there. Body punch and then a leg kick from Silva. Knee and a hook from Magny, but Silva lands a solid punch in there too.

Silva with another spinning kick to the body. Magny presses forward and almost eats a winging punch from Silva. Another uppercut again from Magny.

A few rangey strikes from Magny and then as he closes the distance Silva lands a takedown. Silva in Magny’s guard and then passes almost to north south, but they scramble and Magny gets back upright and is pressing Silva against the cage looking for a takedown of his own.

Good knee from Magny. He continues to stifle Silva against the cage. Magny decides to move away and get back to striking in the final 20 seconds of the round. Hard body kick from Silva. They exchange knees and then Magny lands a punch before moving away to end the round.

Round Three:

Magny with a leg kick and Silva counters with a punch. Silva with a good leg kick. Another hard leg kick from Silva. Now a left hand. Another finds the mark as he gets a bit more aggressive in this round. Another kick and Magny responds with one of his own.

Magny lands the rangey jab trying to keep Silva at bay. Silva presses forward and lands another hard kick. And another. He’s really stepping in with these ones to the legs of his taller opponent.

Another kick and Magny almost takes his back, but then settles for landing a solid knee strike. Magny with a jab series and an uppercut to the body.

Jab from Magny, kick from Silva and then Magny presses his opponent against the cage, but only for a moment. Right hand lands for Magny. Silva continues pressing forward but misses with the kick this time.

Another right hand from Magny and multiple jabs. Now he ducks under a punch and gets Silva down to the mat. He tries to take Silva’s back, but the Brazilian is able to stand and then takes Magny down with a judeo throw.

They are back up quickly and jockey for position in the clinch against the cage. Back and forth they go and then they break apart with 30 seconds to go.

MAgny goes back to his rangey work with the jab. Silva wings a hook that misses. Body kick from Silva and that’s the final meaningful strike of the fight – we’re headed to the scorecards.


Close fight and that’s reflected in the scorecards as we’ve got a split decision on our hands, but it’s Magny who’s come out on top as far as two of the judges are concerned and so he gets the victory (29-28, 28-29, 30-27).