New Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Interview With Ariel Helwani In Central Park

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller lived up to his name recently when he was involved in a bizarre interview with Ariel Helwani for ‘The MMA Hour’ show in New York in which he adopted the persona of ‘Lucky Patrick’, a character he plays in an MMA-based movie and refused to answer questions about himself, while throwing items around the studio and eventually walking out mid-way through their conversation.

Well, Helwani’s obviously a brave man as he’s now hooked up with the troubled fighter again, and this time it’s apparently the “real” ‘Mayhem’ Miller who showed up for a walk around NYC’s Central Park as he discusses what was going on in their last interview, his recent arrest in California where he was arrested after breaking into a church naked, and what the future holds for the 31 year-old.

He’s certainly more grounded this time around, but I’ll leave you to make your own mind up as to whether he’s really in a good place now and has given satisfactory explanations for his recent antics.

Check out the full interview below courtesy of


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