A year ago Nick Diaz was the man who fans were eager to see fight Georges St.Pierre next, but he was overshadowed at the weekend as Johny Hendricks claimed a stunning KO at UFC 154 that moves him into the No.1 contender spot, while Anderson Silva was at the show to campaign for a superfight with the champion in 2013.

In what appears to have been an attempt to get back on St.Pierre’s radar, Diaz sent the champion a less message downplaying his victory over Carlos Condit.

“I am not impressed by your performance @GeorgesStPierre,” Diaz wrote on Twitter immediately after the fight.

While the champion didn’t respond to him directly, he did point out to a reporter at the post-fight press conference that, “I did better than Diaz did against Carlos”.

I believe it was a smart move from Diaz to do this as he does appear to be able to get under GSP’s skin, and indeed even during his recovery after his knee injury he was talking passionately about wanting to fight the Stockton native.

If the champion opts not to take up Silva on his offer of a super-fight then I believe Diaz would be the fighter he’d want to face next.  Whether the UFC would allow it is another matter though.

Diaz has already been lined to a fight with Josh Koscheck next, but I feel his best bet would be to talk up a No.1 contender bout with Johny Hendricks instead as realistically that would be his quickest route back to a title shot.