A video has emerged of UFC welterweight star Nick Diaz criticizing Georges St.Pierre’s sparring regime, or lackthereof, prior to his fight with Carlos Condit last weekend.

In what looks to be an informal conversation with friends, Diaz suggests that the welterweight champion’s trainers are taking it easy on him.

“Freddie Roach isn’t babying him up, babying him,” St.Pierre says. “You know, f**kin, I don’t think he’s doing any serious work with anybody. I don’t think he’s giving anyone any serious work. I don’t think he would be confident at putting him in to spar with somebody that’s gonna, you know, put real punches on him. I just don’t. And you know, they’re late if they’re starting now.”

He also questions whether GSP could actually take a punch.

“Georges is a f**king pu**y. So if he takes a punch from Condit, it’s like, what are you gonna do bro? You can’t take that punch. See Condit come out and like, boom boom, and all of sudden Georges is a fallen victim, you know. It’s terrible.”

Apparently witnessing St.Pierre rebound strongly after being floored by a head kick from Condit in the third round of his comeback fight just days after these comments were made hasn’t done anything to alter Diaz’s opinion.

“I am not impressed by your performance @georgesstpierre,” Diaz wrote on Twitter immediately after the fight ended.