Nick Diaz finally had his hearing today with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after testing positive for marijuana metabolites following his UFC 143 fight with Carlos Condit back in February.

Despite having strong legal representation from renowned Las Vegas lawyer Ross Goodman, Diaz was still handed a full year’s suspension in addition to a $60,000 fine by NSAC.

That means Diaz won’t be able to apply for a license to fight again until February 4th of 2013, a full year after his fight with Condit, and will have to pass a drugs test in order to be granted one.

Diaz had previously been suspended for six months after testing positive for marijuana following a fight at PRIDE 33 in 2007, and that past misdemeanor ensured that he was given a longer punishment this time around.

Earlier in the day another prominent UFC fighter Chael Sonnen was given better news after he was granted permission to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy ahead of his UFC 148 fight with Anderson Silva by way of a ‘Therapeutic-Use Exemption’ (TUE).

Sonnen served a six month suspension after his last fight with Silva in 2010 after failing to get permission from the Commission to use testosterone prior to the bout.

Not only did the hearing grant him the TUE he sought today, but they also invited Sonnen to help the NSAC in an advisory capacity as they look to improve the way they deal with TUE requests such as his.

Despite things going Sonnen’s way on this occasion it should be stressed that his testosterone levels will still be subject to testings and he will have to fall under the 6 to 1 T/E ratio as would any other athlete.