Norman Parke Beats Colin Fletcher To Become TUF: Smashes 155lb Winner

Norman Parke outgrappled his fellow UK counterpart Colin Fletcher tonight at ‘UFC On FX 6’ to become the TUF Smashes 155lb ‘Ultimate Fighter’.

The two fighters clinched up in the opening minute of the fight and Parke managed to get Fletcher down to the mat against the cage just for a second, then thirty seconds later was more successful with a second takedown and secured half guard.

Fletcher stayed active from his back, doing his best to get back up or improve his position, but Parke just about managed to control him and worked a little ground and pound including at one stage landed a very nice elbow strike to the head and moved to side control.

Parke attempted to take Fletcher’s back, but it didn’t go as planned and a scramble ensued in which Fletcher ended up on top. There wasn’t enough time left on the clock for him to do anything with it before the round ended though.

Fletcher started off looking for kicks, but before long Parke had closed the distance, got back into the clinch against the cage and worked the fight to the floor.

Fletcher looked for a leg submission, but Parke didn’t give him the room to make it work. Then Parke started to get going, briefly attempting to lock up a guillotine choke and then ending up in the mount position and then took his back. Fletcher’s a tricky customer though and he managed to wriggle out and got back to his feet.

Fletcher tries to use his length to land kicks, but Parke returns the favor and then pices together a combination of punches that backs up his opponent.

Not long to go in the round now and the two continue to exchange before Parke quickly moved in and secured a takedown in the final seconds.

Onto the third and Fletcher’s back to those kicks again, but a few punches from Parke make a bigger impact. Fletcher’s been trying a few spinning kicks throughout this fight, but he’s telegraphing them and has yet to get anywhere close to Parke with them.

Fletcher lands a nice knee and soon after Parke returns fire, working to the body and then the head with punches.

There’s blood leaking from the corner of Fletcher’s left eye, but he presses on undeterred and puts together a nice combo of punches and kicks.

Fletcher’s stand-up looked awkward earlier on, but he’s starting to flow now and more combinations follow and he’s definitely getting the better of it on the feet in the third.

Perhaps realizing that Parke goes for a takedown in the final minute and tries to take Fletcher’s back. Fletcher works to his feet with Parke still attached to his back.

10 seconds to go and the two break apart and start firing punches down the pipe at each other before embracing each other when the final bell sounds.

Onto the judges scorecards we go and despite rallying in the third round it wasn’t enough for Fletcher and it’s Norman Parke who gets the win (30-27 x2, 29-28) and becomes the TUF: Smashes ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner in the 155lb weight class.

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