Norman Parke Defeats Reza Madadi By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 76

Norman Parke earned a unanimous decision victory over Reza Madadi tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 76.

Round One:

Medadi feels out with the jab then goes for an early takedown, but Parke defends and moves away.

Parke with a body kick and Madadi throws one of his own in return. They clinch, but nothing doing and they separate. Madadi reaches down for the takedown, but Parke pushes him into the cage. They battle for position and separate.

Parke starting to work the jab. He lands a body kick and tries to go upstairs with one too. Parke taking the center of the Octagon here. Madadi burst forward with a short flurry.

Madadi reaches down for a single leg and drive forward, but Parke defends as they end up against the cage. Parke thinking about a guillotine, but leaves it for now. He reverses Madadi in the clinch against the cage. Madadi back in charge now and again trying hard for a takedown. He does eventually manage to drag Parke down, but awkwardly and doesn’t end up on top and they are quickly back up.

Madadi again trying a single leg, but Parke defends. Parke looking to land strikes and Madadi motions him forward and throws a big punch of his own.

Couple of nice left hands from Parke. He lands another solid left. He just misses with a head kick. Madadi with a straight right. Parke with one last punch as the round ends.

Round Two:

Parke with a solid body kick to start the second. Madadi with a leg kick. A few punches exchanged and Madadi blocks a head kick from Parke. parke again tries for the head kick and again it’s blocked.

Madadi trying to up the pace, but Parke is staying relaxed and picking his shots nicely. Madadi in on a takedown and this time he does get him down. However, Parke is able to move across to the cage and stands quickly. Madadi pushing him into the cage, but Parke works away from danger.

Parke straight forward again though landing a few punches, but Madadi also lands a few strikes in close there. Parke works into the clinch against the cage. Half the round remaining as Madadi reverses the position, and Parke does likewise.

Couple of left hands from Parke as they briefly separate before going back into the clinch.

Madadi fails on a takedown and Parke lands a body kick. They exchange in close and there’s a bit of banter going on between the two fighters. Madadi wings an uppercut, but it doesn’t land.

Parke tries for a takedown, but Madadi shows he too is good at defending that. They jockey for position again in the clinch and then break with 10 seconds remaining. Parke looks to land a short flurry and Madadi responds in kind.

Round Three:

The exchange early. Parke with a head kick, still being blocked by his opponent though. Madadi with a three-piece combo. He lands an uppercut.

Madadi goes for the single leg and drives to the cage. Parke defends well and they separate.

Madadi misses with a winging hook. A couple of punches do get through after that though. Parke to the head kick again. Madadi wading in with more strikes and block another kick upstairs.

Clinch from Madadi, but Parke breaks it and goes into a takedown attempt that Madadi stuffs. A few more punches land for Madadi. He’s found his range in this round.

Another clinch – very even from these positions. Parke trying for a takedown and gets it after Madadi tries to throw a knee. Just over 90 seconds left. Madadi trying to stand against the cage and does so, but Parke keeps a hold of him from behind. Tries to look for a takedown from the back, but Madadi breaks away.

Parke shoves Madadi right back into the cage. They go back and forth against the fence. Both men would like to land a takedown here, but it’s not happening. Parke seems to have a little more energy, but the fight comes to an end and we’re headed to the judges decision.


Parke definitely had a slight edge throughout this match-up in his striking and that helps him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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