Norman Parke TKO’s Naoyuki Kotani At UFC Fight Night 46

Norman Parke proved to be too much for Naoyuki Kotani tonight at UFC Fight Night 46 in Dublin, Ireland, controlling the action and finally TKO’ing him in the second round with ground and pound strikes.

Round One:

Parke with a low kick to start as he takes the center of the Octagon and pursues his opponent. Kotani with a combination of punches to set-up a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed and Parke backs him up against the cage in the clinch. They soon break apart though and go back to striking.

A few strikes traded back and forth, but nothing too hard-hitting yet. Kotani again uses punches to set-up a couple of takedown attempts that again are stuffed. That’ll be a concern for him since his real talents lie in his submission game.

Parke works in the clinch again and then separates. Kotani with a couple of nice punches down the center. Another takedown fails for him shortly afterwards. Parke attempts a flying knee, but it lands somewhat awkwardly.

Brief clinch battle and a nice knee on the way out from Parke. The pace is settling here with 90 seconds to go and Parke is feeling out with some low kicks. Kotani clinches and tries a throw, but as has been the case all round long it doesn’t pay off. That doesn’t deter him though as he tries for another takedown and is sprawled on by Parke.

Final 30 seconds of the round and Parke in half guard almost on Kotani’s back. He starts unloading some hard elbows to finish the round on a high note.

Round Two:

Parke pressing forward confidently to start round two and attempts a high kick. Brief stoppage for a low blow to Kotani and on the restart he attempts his first takedown of this round and unfortunately for him it’s still a no-go. However, soon after Parke manages to hoist him up and plants him on his back.

In side control Parke’s taking his time, looking to find room to posture up and then drops down some solid elbow strikes. Kotani tries to roll and then goes to his back again, now in half-guard. More elbows from Parke and they are accurately placed and with power. Kotani tries for a leg lock and Parke sees the danger and quickly scrambles up and away, ending up in the clinch against the cage.

Parke drags Kotani back down to the canvas. He starts to land left hands and Kotani is only covering up so he really starts to go for it with repeated blows until the referee jumps in to end the fight with 3.41mins of the second round gone.

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