Anderson Silva’s recovery from the broken leg he suffered at UFC 168 in December continues at a rapid pace, and the latest footage of his comeback sees him tackle one of the biggest mental as well as physical challenges in his rehab program – getting back to kicking with the limb he broke.

He’s not going to be kicking down banana trees any time soon though – for now he’s making do with kicking a lightweight exercise ball which seems like a good idea to pyschologically ease him into using his leg again.

It’s remarkable to see Silva continuing to make such swift progress in his recovery from one of the worst injuries ever seen inside the Octagon, but despite that, not everyone is convinced he’s going to return the same fighter he once was.

“I heard, thank God, he’s recovering, but it’ll always leave a scar in his mind, and even physically,” legendary kickboxer and former UFC fighter Mirco Cro Cop stated at the weekend. “He will never be the same fighter. He’ll never. I really like and respect and admire him, but I don’t think he will ever be 100-percent the old Anderson Silva. It was a terrible injury. He’ll always start thinking, what if it happens again? But that’s the name of the game. You cannot avoid it. Sometimes it just happens.”

Check out Silva’s latest rehab video below.