Paddy Pimblett TKO’s Luigi Vendramini In First Round At UFC Fight Night 191

After a lot of hype over the years, UK prospect Paddy Pimblett finally made his UFC debut tonight at UFC Fight Night 191 in impressive fashion with a first round TKO victory, though he had to battle back from adversity to do so after eating big punches from Luigi Vendramini earlier in the round.

Round One:

Push kick to the body from Pimblett then a low leg kick. Another push kick and Vendramini throws punches in response.

Side kick to the body from Pimblett. He looks to tie up, but Vendramini brushes him aside. Solid leg kick for Vendramini. Check left hook from Pimblett.

Big punch from Vendramini snaps Pimblett’s head back and he looks dazed as Vendramini moves in and brings him down.

Pimblett looking to get his bearings and stand as Vendramini thinks about a guillotine choke. He is able to get back to his feet though, but he might not fancy striking with Vendramini after that.

Kick for Pimblett. Calf kick for him. Now Vendramini lands a solid one. One-two for Pimblett. Now a front kick. Calf kicks exchanged. Pimblett lands another on the inside and then a kick to the body.

Pimblett gets caught by another punch. Vendramini pressuring and Pimblett lands a solid body kick, but then Vendramini tags him upstairs again and they exchange frantically for a moment, before Pimblett backs out after getting the raw end of that firefight.

Pimblett back to working his kicks from range. Again when he gets into range Vendramini is finding a home for his punches>

Vendramini in on a single leg now. He lands a kick to try to break the base, but Vendramini stays upright and moves away.

Body kick for Pimblett. Pimblett throwing big hooks, but missing. however, a big one does finally connect and Vendramini appears hurt.

Pimblett is immediately on him throwing a barrage of punches and they are all landing. Vendramini is frozen on his feet here as he eats more blows, then a big right hook slumps him to the canvas as the ref rushes in and ends the fight at 4.25mins of the first round, handing Pimblett a big TKO victory in his long-awaited UFC debut.

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