Paige VanZant KO’s Bec Rawlings With A Jumping Switch Kick At UFC On FOX 21

paige vanzant

Paige VanZant showed her star power tonight with a highlight reel head kick finish against Bec Rawlings at UFC On FOX 21.

Round One:

PVZ charges out with a leaping kick to the body. Leg kick for VanZant. She goes for a jumping front kick again.

Rawlings with a short combo as she tries to command the center of the Octagon. PVZ circling on the outside. She misses with another kick.

Into the clinch they go and PVZ swings Rawlings around and presses her against the cage, but they soon break part.

They briefly go back into the clinch with Rawlings landing a nice knee and then backing away as PVZ looks to return fire.

Eye-catching tornado kick from PVZ, but it doesn’t land. VanZant throwing out kicks, but not finding her range yet. Rawlings moves in with a series of hooks.

PVZ moves inside with a series of punches and lands a few. She needs more of that. VanZant lands a good body kick.

Leg kick for PVZ and then a one-two upstairs. Superman punch for Rawlings that connects. Both women eager to land more offense as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Kick for Rawlings and a punch. Jumping switch kick for PVZ and it lands flush and drops Rawlings!! PVZ follows up with ground and pound and that’s it, the fight is over! Highlight reel KO finish for VanZant on FOX at 0.17mins of the second round.

The flashy moves didn’t work out for PVZ in the first round, but they paid off big time early in the second, and that’s the perfect way to remind people that this 22 year-old has genuine talent beyond just her dancing credentials.

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