Paul Craig Breaks Jamahal Hill’s Arm And Then TKO’s Him At UFC 263

Paul Craig not only badly broke Jamahal Hill’s arm in the opening round tonight at UFC 263, but then proceeded to force a TKO stoppage when his opponent refused to tap out.

Round One:

Low leg kick from Hill and a front kick to the body in return from Craig. Craig fires out the front kick again.

Craig with the same front kick again and this time Hill lands a body kick of his own.

Craig looking to clinch up early and then pulls guard. Craig is immediately looking for an armbar and has Hill in immediate danger with an unorthodox attempt.

Just when it looks like the fight might be over already, Hill is able to get free.

However, Craig readjusts, goes for a more traditional armbar off his back and then rolls with it. The submission has a devastating effect, breaking Hill’s arm, but yet he’s not quitting!

Crazy stuff here as Hill is on his knees, trapped in a triangle choke, with one arm badly broken and flopping around as he tries to land ground-and-pound with the other.

Thankfully Craig isn’t even attempting to do anything extra with Hill’s broken arm, and instead is just focused on landing elbows from his back.

It’s truly gruesome stuff and the ref should have stopped it a lot earlier, but he finally does his job and saves Hill from even more unnecessary damage to his already mangled limb, handing Craig a TKO Victory at 1.59mins of the first round.

Brutally effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Craig there, but while you also have to salute Hill’s bravery, you have to also question whether it was in his best interests to keep on fighting given the extra damage that was being caused by his arm flailing around while already having been snapped.

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