Francisco Trinaldo Defeats Paul Felder By Doctor Stoppage Due To Cut

Francisco Trinaldo

Francisco Trinaldo looked to be edging his way to a decision victory tonight against Paul Felder, but we don’t know for sure if that would have been the case as a cut to his opponent’s eyebrow from an earlier elbow strike forced a doctor’s stoppage in the third round.

Round One:

Cautious start from both men and only a leg kick from Felder lands in the opening minute. He goes for a front kick to the body and soon after Trinaldo lands a heavy body kick.

Bit of a wild exchange of hooks in close from both fighters. Another leg kick for Felder. Kick from Trinaldo to the body and Felder counters with a spinning backfirst attempt.

Left hook from Trinaldo connects and that got FElder’s attention. Another punch from him as he looks to assert his authority. More strikes including a knee from the Brazilian as he backs Felder up against the cage, then goes into the clinch.

Half the round gone and Trinaldo’s had the better moments so far. Nice knee to the body from Trinaldo. Both men land an elbow and then Felder tries to punch his way out of the clinch. He briefly reverses position, but then Trinaldo presses him back to the cage.

More jockeying for position against the cage now and finally they break apart with Felder attempting an upwards elbow as he does so.

Spinning body kick from Felder. Nice inside leg kick from Felder, but Trinaldo counters with punches. Hard kick from Trinaldo. A final kick from Felder to end the round lands to his opponent’s upper arm.

Round Two:

Punch and then a body kick from Trinaldo. Both men looking to land heavy leather, but not finding the target.

Low kick from Felder. Good left hook for Trinaldo. he’s had success with that a few times tonight so far. As I type that he lands another.

Right hand for Felder. He steps in for a hard leg kick. Body kick for Felder. Trinaldo suddenly changes things up and lands a nice takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Trinaldo working in Felder’s guard for now and he postures up enough to land a single elbow that immediately opens a big cut on his opponent’s right eyebrow.

Felder tries to prop himself up and almost gets caught in a choke. Trinaldo gives up on the choke and almost gets to full mount. He can’t secure it though and Felder is able to get to his feet against the cage.

Trinaldo still has hold of Felder’s back though and attempts to drag him back down. He’s unsuccessful and Felder is able to press the Brazilian against the cage.

Spinning elbow from Felder as he gets the space to go back to striking range, and that’s the last major action of the round.

Round Three:

Kick for Felder to start the round and Trinaldo responds with one of his own upstairs. Body punch from Felder. Felder tries a head kick that misses.

Nice straight left from Trinaldo. Spinning hook kick attempt from Felder that doesn’t find a home. trinaldo with a high kick of his own.

Nice knee to the body from Felder. Now a body kick. Left hand for Trinaldo that reopens Felder’s eyebrow cut. Trinaldo presses felder up against the cage. Felder’s cut is bleeding prefusely and it’s leaving him unable to see out of his right eye so the doctor is called in to take a look at it, and unfortunately it’s decided that he can’t continue. Trinaldo gets the TKO victory at 2.25mins of the third round.

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