Paul Felder Defeats Josh Burkman By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 88

Paul Felder ufc

Paul Felder just edged out Josh Burkman tonight by unanimous decision in a close fight to kick off the UFC Fight Night 88 main card in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Burkman with an oblique kick to start. Now Burkman circling on the outside. Felder with a solid body kick as Burkman thought about a leg kick.

Clash of legs as both men go for a leg kick. Felder with a body kick, then one for Burkman. Missed right hook for Burkman. He lands with another kick to the body though.

Felder ducks a punch, but eats a hook afterwards. Another kick to the body for Burkman and a punch on the counter from Felder in return.

Head kick attempt for Felder that’s blocked. Side kick to the knee of Burkman. Quick exchange of punches in close and Burkman landed a good strike in there. Another hard exchange and Burkman staggers back a bit, but seems fine.

They go toe-to-toe and start exchange hooks, punch for punch and Burkman seems to be getting the better of it. Felder biting down on his mouthpiece and firing back though. Risky stuff from both men, but they survive and then Burkman changes things up and looks to grapple with his opponent.

Burkman takes down Felder, and then as they go back upright he presses him up against the cage.

Round Two:

Felder takes the center of the Octagon. Felder catches a body kick attempt and lands a hard leg kick into the bargain. Body punch for Felder as Burkman steps in.

Body kick for Felder. He ducks under a punch nicely. Solid leg kick. Burkman lands a punch as they both swing at each other. Felder with a knee to the midsection.

Oblique kick from Burkman. Another lands. Felder with a right hand. Body kick for Felder and a spinning elbow attempt from Burkman.

Felder clinches and presses Burkman to the cage. He lands a nice elbow in close. Burkman reverses the position with a little under two minutes of the round remaining.

Elbow strike to the head for Felder as Burkman tries to work for a takedown. Burkman decides to just back away and reset at striking range.

Right hand for Felder and a head kick attempt. He lands a solid left and Burkman turned his back for a moment there, not liking that. Felder with a flurry as Burkman backs up to the cage.

They clinch up and Burkman has the advantage, but Felder is able to reverse and moves around to Burkman’s back as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Nicely timed knee to the body from Felder as Burkman comes forward. Both men winging strikes in close now.

Felder with a leg kick. Another one lands, while Burkman counters with a straight right. Spinning back kick from Burkman and Felder slips to the mat and gets back upright.

Nice right hand counter from Felder here, but Burkman takes it well. Another good straight connects for Felder. Inside leg kick now, and again.

Oblique kick for Burkman, but two kicks to his lower limbs in return from Felder. Another thumping leg kick and Burkman’s leg buckled a bit from that.

Burkman with punches and then into a takedown attempt, pushing Felder up against the cage. 90 seconds remaining and Burkman manages to get Felder down, but he pops right back up.

Felder reverses the clinch position, but Burkman does the same in return. Burkman’s face suddenly covered in blood from an earlier strike as they continue to jockey for position against the cage.

Referee breaks them up. Felder tries to go for a takedown, but doesn’t land it, and instead it’s Burkman who then drives in and gets Felder to the mat just as the round comes to a close.


Close fight here, but the judges are unanimous in their decision, handing Paul Felder the victory (29-28 x3).

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