Pedro Munhoz KO’s Cody Garbrandt In Crazy Stand-Up Battle At UFC 235

Cody Garbrandt initiated an all-out gunfight with Pedro Munhoz tonight at UFC 235 and paid the price as he was KO’d with just eight seconds of the first round remaining.

Round One:

Garbrandt starts with a leg kick. Now a quick front kick to the midsection. Another kick from Garbrandt and Munhoz catches it and tries to drop down with a leg lock, but ‘No Love’ gets free.

Garbrandt misses with a kick upstairs. Leg kick for Munhoz as Garbrandt tries to counter with punches. Front kick to the body from Munhoz.

Leg kick for Munhoz. Quick right hand for Garbrandt. Counter punch lands for Munhoz as they engage again. Leg kick for Munhoz.

Three-piece combo for Garbrandt, but mostly bouncing off his opponent’s gloves. High kick glances of Munhoz’s guard.

Low kick for Munhoz. Spinning back kick to the body for Munhoz. Now a right hand connects for Munhoz. Another leg kick for Munhoz and Garbrandt’s not liking those.

Head kick from Munhoz and then what might be a headbutt seems to hurt Garbrandt and his legs are buckling. He goes to ground with Munhoz on top.

However, Garbrandt manages to get back up and launches into a knee. Suddenly Garbrandt is going all-out on the offensive throwing huge punches with no thought of defense.

Despite Garbrandt’s notoriety as a power puncher, Munhoz opts to match him punch for punch. The action is absolutely intense as these two hurl everything they’ve got at each other and both eat some huge shots.

In the final 10 seconds of the round it feels like the fight could end at any moment, and indeed it does as they both throw right hooks at the same time and Munhoz’s finds the mark and drops Garbrandt badly dazed down to the mat, where follow-up punches seal a knockout victory with 4.52mins of the first round gone.

Insane action there and on reflection a terrible decision by Garbrandt to swing for the fences for such an extended period, leaving him now with the pain not only of a knockout loss, but also of racking up his third defeat in a row.

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