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Pedro Munhoz Submits Rob Font In First Round At UFC Fight Night 119

Pedro Munhoz got a chance to show off both his striking and submission skills during his fight-ending guillotine choke finish in the first round against Rob Font tonight at UFC Fight Night 119.

Round One:

Font starts with straight punches. jab lands for Font, leg kick for Munhoz. Another leg kick from him. A couple of right hands get through for Font.

Front kick to the body for Munhoz. Leg kick for Font. Solid leg kick again from Munhoz and punches again from Font that continues to redden up his opponents face early in teh fight.

Continued punches and then a leg kick caught allows Font to secure a takedown, but he quickly thinks again about tangling with Munhoz on the mat and rolls away to get back to his feet.

Back to striking range and as Font looks to make his fists do the talking Munhoz connects cleanly twice with hooks that gets his opponent’s attention.

Font’s straight punches are still being effective though and he’s able to prevent a Munhoz takedown.

However, Munhoz suddenly rocks Font with a left hook and that leads to Font swooping for a desperate takedown while he regains his bearings.

That proves to be a bad decision though as Munhoz immediately looks for a guillotine choke, slickly rolls on top with it and forces a quick tap-out with 4.03mins on the clock!

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