Phil Davis Decisions Glover Teixeira At UFC 179

‘Embrace The Grind’ seems to be the theme of tonight’s UFC 179 main card and Phil Davis certainly did that as he wore down Glover Teixeira to earn himself a unanimous decision victory in Brazil.

Round One:

Teixeira into the center of the Octagon and as he looks to strike Davis is in on his first takedown attempt and it’s stuffed comfortably by the Brazilian and they have to reset.

Davis clinches up against the cage and then they break. Davis with a head kick attempt that’s blocked. He traverses on the outside as Teixeira comes wading in.

Teixeira almost chasing Davis around the Octagon early here. Now Davis stands his ground and throws a few punches, but looks tense.

Teixeira hunting him down again now. Davis with a few kicks and punches. He glances a front kick attempt to the head and lands a hook behind it. Now Davis is in on a takedown, but Teixeira is defending well and almost gets Davis down. ‘Mr Wonderful’ determined to get him down though and his perseverance eventually pays off as he gets him down.

He lands some punches as Teixeira tries to get up off his knees. He is able to do so, but remains in Davis’ clinch for now.

Davis drags Teixeira back down to his knees. He lands a few punches, then just as Teixeira looks to break free he drags him to the mat once again and ends the round in a good spot.

Round Two:

Teixeira stalking Davis. Davis sticks out the jab and ducks in on a couple of takedowns, but bails out on them. Davis continues to pepper Teixeira with strikes. Teixeira lands a good punch, but Davis is in on a takedown and gets it.

Teixeira with an excellent reversal, but isn’t able to take advantage of the position and they go back upright. It’s not long before Davis is thinking about a takedown again and Teixeira tries to reach for a guillotine and ends up dropping to the mat instead. He’s on his knees and Davis is on him landing a few punches to the head. Teixeira stands with Davis still clinched up.

They break apart and Davis goes back to being the busier of the two striking wise. Teixeira’s just not really letting his hands go in this fight so far. He gets a finger in the eye which causes a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go and back Davis goes to putting together the better volume of strikes without landing anything too heavy.

Suddenly Teixeira burst forward looking to attack, but Davis quickly moves out of danger. A head kick from Teixeira, but it’s too slow and telegraphed to be of any real danger. Teixeira bundles forward, but Davis does well to use the momentum to take him down. Another solid round for Davis and Teixeira looks a bit lethargic out there.

Round Three:

Davis with a front kick to the mid-section and a punch behind it. Davis with a nice uppercut as Teixeira also lands with a left hook.

Davis pushing forward with a takedown attempt and clinches against the cage, but then backs up. Teixeira with a front kick attempt that comes up short. Davis boosts in under some punches and gets a takedown.

Half guard then mount for Davis, though only for a second. Davis in control on the mat and as Teixeira stands he pulls him back down.

He’s landing some knees to the body now as Teixeira is turtled up on his knees. Half a round remaining and Davis continues to pepper the Brazilian with punches to the head. Teixeira up and trying to break free, but he’s having a hard time getting out of his this clinch. Up against the cage and Teixeira just for a moment seems to have got on top of Davis, but he’s back up again quickly.

Davis in low on a takedown which Teixeira steps away from, but Davis chases right after him and hauls him down to the canvas. He’s putting in a real shift here in the final round despite a gruelling, grinding pace. A few more punches here to end the round.


Another grind heavy fight that won’t excite those watching, but most definitely went Davis’ way and he’s secured himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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