Phil Davis made a strong debut tonight at Bellator 142: Dynamite! with a first round kimura submission victory against former champion Emanuel Newton and now moves on to fight ‘King Mo’ in the final later this evening.

Round One:

Newton with an early leg kick. Davis with a body kick, but gets one back in return. Newton trying a spinning kick that misses. Does connect with another body kick though.

Davis with the kick to the midsection. Again in return from Newton. Quite a cautious start from both men working at range. Newton with a leg kick. Spinning backfist attempt misses.

Leg kick for Davis just as Newton was thinking about another spinning attack. Newton leaves his back exposed just for a second and Davis seizes on it and drags Newton to the mat.

This is where Davis wants to be, on the mat, but Newton shifts over to the cage and stands. Not for long though as Davis brings him down with a good takedown that leaves him in side control. Davis working for a kimura.

Newton escapes and is on his knees. Davis ensures he stays down and continues to wear on him. Newton does manage to stand just for a moment and then is taken for a ride back down to the canvas. Davis perhaps thinking about a guillotine, but Newton gets upright again.

Davis still clinching and uses a nice trip to put Newton on his back once again. Newton sitting with his back to the cage and Davis looks for that kimura again. He drops back with it and keeps moving and cranking hard as Newton tries to roll out.

Newton in a really tough spot and as Davis yanks his arm even further he’s left with no option but to submit with 4.39mins on the clock.

So, Davis gets the first round submission victory and the light-heavyweight tournament final with ‘King Mo’ that many people had been anticipating will indeed happen later in the Bellator: Dynamite” broadcast.