Phil Davis put on a grappling masterclass at UFC 153 tonight as he repeatedly took Wagner Prado to the ground before finally submitting him with an anaconda choke.

After an energetic walk-out, Prado started the first round the more aggressive of the two fighters, and landed a nice head kick early, though Davis blocked it.

Davis’s first attempt to take the fight to the floor didn’t work, but he set it up nicely the second time, landing a right hand then ducking under a counter as he took him down.

Up against the cage Prado worked to get back to his feet, but as soon as he threatened to do so Davis slammed him heavily back down again.

Davis lands a hard right and attempts to control Prado. The Brazilian is using the cage to his advantage though, and also threatens with a kimura – a distraction to help him get to his feet once more.

Unfortunately for him Davis is in no mood to let him stand and whips his legs out from him as he again takes him for a ride down to the mat to close the round out strong.

Prado looks to get something happening on the feet in the opening stages of round two, but Davis’s gameplan is clear and he is relentless with his takedown attempts, and it’s not long before he does put him on his butt again.

This time Prado gets up quickly and Davis opts to clinch with him before they break free.

It’s not long before Prado is again visiting the canvas courtesy of a Davis takedown, and this time the wrestler has him away from the cage which allows him to keep him there.

Davis is looking for a finish now, first working an arm triangle, but Prado survived and broke out of it.

undeterred Davis readjusted and instead rolled into an anaconda choke, and that was the final straw for Prado who quickly tapped with 4.29mins of th second round gone.