Poirier, Khabib And RDA Claim Conor McGregor’s Leg Break Was Karma In Action

Three of Conor McGregor’s biggest rivals, Dustin Poirier, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Rafael dos Anjos all appear to have come to the same conclusion that the fighter’s leg break at UFC 264 on Saturday night was the result of karma, or some other higher power, in action.

“I can take, you know, the trash talk,” Poirier said in his post-fight interview. “There’s no holds barred with the trash talk, right?

““But murder is something you don’t clown around about, there’s no coming back from that, and this guy was saying he was gonna murder me and all kinds of stuff. He was telling me he was gonna kill me tomorrow. I’m gonna leave here in a coffin.

“You don’t talk like that to people, man. I hope he gets home safe to his beautiful family.

“But, you know, this guy is a dirtbag. Karma is not a b****, she’s a mirror, and this guy said the wrong s***.”

Meanwhile, Khabib Nurmagomedov also stated his belief that the leg break was a punishment for McGregor’s past misdeeds.

“(There’s) always (going to) be there something superior – more powerful – than we have,” Nurmagomedov told MMA Junkie. “Sometimes when people become, ‘I’m this, I can do this. I’m smart because I’m strong.’ God always going to make you humble. I saw yesterday or two days ago, I saw his coach’s interview like, ‘I don’t understand how this happened. He’s a strong young, strong man and he broke his foot, I don’t understand.’ Everything from God. You have to become humble. When you become rich, when you become strong, when you become famous and then you think this is because of myself? God going to make you humble.”

Meanwhile, Rafael dos Anjos is clearly still smarting about the fact that McGregor once made fun of him for pulling out of their lightweight title fight with what he described as a “bruised foot”, when in reality it was actually a broken one.

As such, RDA sees it as a fitting punishment that it’s now McGregor who is suffering from a broken limb.

“People are still making fun with my injury,” RDA told MMAJunkie. “That’s what’s bugging me a lot, because people make fun of somebody’s injury. I didn’t make fun of his injury. I just showed because it’s a combat sport, we punch each other not only in the fight, but in training as well. I broke my foot. I was in a cast for six weeks and this guy made fun of me. All his fans, all his supporters making fun of me for years. Now he tastes his own medicine.

“Even Friday at the weigh-ins, he said, ‘Hey, you ducked me with a sore foot. He said the same thing on Friday too, that Dustin Poirier would leave the cage on a stretcher, and look how things happened. He left on a stretcher with a broken foot. So, he getting his own thing. He’s tasting his own venom and his own medicine and that’s it. I wish him a speedy recovery, but that’s what he got by talking too much.”

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