Rafael Dos Anjos handed Mark Bocek a grappling lesson tonight at UFC 154, stuffing his numerous takedown attempts in the first round before showing him how it’s done in the second and then crusing to a decision victory in the final frame.

In the opening 90 seconds the two men felt each other out with striking, but then Bocek charged in looking for a takedown. They stall up against the cage and Bocek can’t get him down despite his best efforts and they reset.

Dos Anjos looks lighter on his feet and is being looser with his striking, but there’s not been too much in the way of meaningful strikes from either thus far. Bocek again looks to clinch up and walks Dos Anjos back up against the cage. He’d like to get that takedown again, but it’s not happening.

Dos Anjos seems to be gaining confidence after these stuffed takedown attempts and he’s starting to get more exotic with his striking offense, even trying a flying knee strike along with some body kicks.

Bocek is nothing if not determined though and tries yet again for some kind of a takedown while clinching against the Octagon cage, and guess what, Dos Anjos stuffs him yet again and then fires of another kick as they separate and also attempts a jumping front kick before the bell.

The fight does hit the mat in the second round, but after all his efforts it’s actually Bocek who finds Dos Anjos on top of him after the Brazilian not only stops his takedown attempt, but spins him around, lands a hard shot to the face then and dumps him down instead.

Dos Anjos looks for a couple of submissions, but Bocek is able to stop them. Some ground and pound strikes from Dos Anjos are landing though and as Bocek finally struggles to his feet the left side of his face is covered in blood.

The remainder of the round consists of Dos Anjos managing to take Bocek down a few times and displaying dominant grappling control, with the Canadian quite frankly just looking outclassed at this stage.

With Dos Anjos still looking in good shape after the exertions of the previous rounds it was always going to be tough for Bocek to get back into the fight, and he was given few opportunities to do so.

Dos Anjos is able to score another takedown and gets the better of the striking exchanges before starting to slow down in the final minute, but it’s too late for Bocek to do anything meaningful and he just doesn’t seem to have that extra gear that he needs to turn the fight on it’s head.

Needless to say Dos Anjos secures the unanimous decision win here (30-27 x3) in what’s one of his most accomplished performances to date.