Rafael Dos Anjos defended his lightweight title in style tonight in the main event of UFC On FOX 17, hurting Donald Cerrone with a knee and kick to the body before rocking him with punches en-route to a 66 second TKO victory.

Round One:

The main event lightweight title fight is underway on FOX. Dos Anjos with an early push kick to the body. He lands a big straight left to the head.

Low leg kick for Cerrone. RDA blasts another hard left hand. He’s found his range early in this fight. The champion lands a big knee to the body. Now he blasts home a big left kick to the body and follows up with powerful, pinpoint left and right straight punches, backing the challenger up against the cage.  Cerrone is under the cosh early here in the biggest fight of his career.

Dos Anjos continuing to hammer away with punches, changing up to hooks now as Cerrone just covers up and tries to weather the storm. The referee is looking closely at this, but Cerrone manages to find enough space to move away from the cage.

Dos Anjos following him though and Cerrone goes to the mat. Dos Anjos starts blasting away with Cerrone turtled up on the mat trying his best to cover up. A lot of these right hands are being blocked on Cerrone’s glove, but the challenger is making no effort to improve his position at all, and that’s it, the referee has seen enough and calls an end to the fight, Dos Anjos has stopped Cerrone by TKO in just 66 seconds!

Wow, great performance by RDA and what an amazing fighter he’s become over the past few years. Cerrone is extremely tough and on a long winning streak, but he just ran through him there with ease.