Eddie Alvarez TKO’s Rafael dos Anjos To Become UFC’s New Lightweight champ

Eddie Alvarez rocked Rafael dos Anjos early in their title fight tonight at UFC Fight Night 90 and then continued to bombard him with offense until the TKO stoppage that would crown him as the UFC’s new lightweight champion.

Round One:

The lightweight main event title fight is underway!

Alvarez with a leg kick to start. The two men exchange right hands. Another leg kick for the challenger.

Left hand lands for Dos Anjos, now a right for Alvarez. Front kick attempt for the champion. Now a leg kick for RDA.

Nice uppercut for RDA. He connects with a body kick. Dos Anjos feels out with the jab and then lands a straight left.

Dos Anjos misses with a head kick, but lands a left and a right.

Alvarez bursts into a takedown attempt, but RDA is able to reverse and then as they get back up he scores with a big knee to the head.

Alvarez back into a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Now it’s RDA who’s trying for the takedown, but he’s unsuccessful too and they go back to striking range.

RDA with a few strikes. Suddenly Alvarez lands a huge right hook and RDA’s legs buckle. He remains standing though as he staggers backwards and Alvarez starts blitzing on him with everything but the kitchen sink.

The champion eats a ton of artillery, but somehow he stays on his feet. There’s no escape here though as Alvarez continues to lands lefts and rights as RDA leans against the cage.

Remarkable toughness being shown by RDA, but he’s getting absolutely hammered here. The referee’s seen enough and steps in to end the fight, handing Alvarez a TKO victory at 3.49mins of the first round that crowns him as the UFC’s new lightweight champion!

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