Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante made short work of Mike Kyle this evening in the Strikeforce cage to avenge his previous loss to him in some style.

Right from the off ‘Feijao’ had Kyle in trouble, grazing him with an overhand right before landing cleanly with a knee strike to his face which dropped him.

He immediately pounced on Kyle and landed ground and pound strikes hoping for the finish there and then, but his dazed opponent managed to struggle back to his feet.

‘Feijao’ wasn’t going to let him off the hook though and leapt up for a guillotine choke. Kyle stood and tried to prise his arm off his neck, but with no success he tried a last desperate roll to the canvas which didn’t shake him off and so he tapped with just 0.33mins on the clock.

That’s the kind of win the former light-heavyweight champion needed to get himself back into the title picture at 205lbs, while also completely laying to rest any feeling that perhaps Kyle had his number after having defeated him in his Strikeforce debut a few years ago.