‘Feijao’ Forces Igor Pokrajac To Tap Due To Strikes At UFC Fight Night 32

Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante claimed his first victory inside the Octagon tonight at ‘UFC Fight Night 32’ after forcing Igor Pokrajac to tap out due to a brutal barrage of knees from the clinch.

Round One

Pokrajac comes out offensively from the opening bell and is throwing bombs that back ‘Feijao’ up. ‘Feijao’ makes up his mind to swing back, but Pokrajac moves in and presses him up against the cage.

Pokrajac looking to grind away at ‘Feijao’ from the clinch. It doesn’t go according to plan though as ‘Feijao’ suddenly locked up the muay thai clinch and starts to land rapid-fire hard knees to the body of his opponent.

It’s clear that Pokrajac isn’t enjoying this at all, and to make matters worse a knee then goes upstairs and really stops him in his tracks.

Soon after Pokrajac slumps to the mat under fire from punches, but it’s really those knees that seem to have done him in and he just can’t take any more, opting to tap out with just 1.18mins on the clock.

Nicely done by ‘Feijao’. Pokrajac is a very tough customer, so to have him tap out due to strikes is a big feather in the former Strikeforce 205lb champ’s cap.


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