Rashad Evans Says Talks Ongoing For Chael Sonnen Fight At UFC 167

A fight between UFC analysts Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen is being targeted as a potential co-main event for UFC 167 in November.

The somewhat unlikely fight between the two friends, who were recently seen side-by-side as analysts for FOX Sports 1, was instigated by Sonnen via Twitter.

“Hey Rashad, let me ask you a question… You busy Nov 16th?” Sonnen had enquired last week.

“Nah not really!! What’s up?” Evans replied.

“I’ll give you one hint…” Sonnen responded, posting a picture of Evans and himself on a fake poster for UFC 167.

“That looks like a good idea to me! I knew you had something you really wanted to say to me yesterday on the show!” Evans said.

Of course it’s not their decision to make, but according to Evans in a new interview with Alchemist Radio, it appears the UFC are very much on-board with the idea.

“We’re still talking about it, but it’s definitely something the UFC wants,” Evans said on the show. “It’s something that we want to do well. If it does happen it will happen on November 16th. Hopefully it’ll be in the co-main event slot. I definitely think its co-main event worthy.”

Evans also confirmed that if the fight does go ahead then that’ll be the last time we’ll see Sonnen and himself together providing analysis on FS1 until the bout is over.

UFC 167 will have a welterweight title fight between George St.Pierre and Johny Hendricks in the main event slot so this would serve as a fitting co-main event for what will be the UFC’s 20th anniversary show.

It’s an interesting fight for Sonnen to go after though given that Evans has got very good wrestling himself which could shut down his main route to victory, while Evans will also have a decided speed and power advantage on the feet.


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