Rashad Evans made short work of Chael Sonnen tonight At UFC 167, bullying him on the ground with big strikes to produce the TKO stoppage.

Round One

Sonnen starting aggressively, flicking out punches and then attempting a takedown. Evans blocks it and so Sonnen settles for clinching with him against the cage.

Evans reverses the position, then Sonnen does likewise as they test out each other’s strength. Evans spins him again and lands a body shot before trying to reach down for his legs to get the takedown, but he doesn’t get it and goes back to the clinch.

Knees from Sonnen and Evans lets off some big hooks in close. Then Evans is back into the clinch. He ducks down and this time gets the takedown.

Evans from half guard up against the cage looking for opportunities to land some ground and pound. A few shots get threw and Sonnen rolls to his front.

Sonnen rolls again and Evans gets into full mount. Evans landing big shots and Sonnen isn’t liking this one bit.

Evans has Sonnen’s back again and flattens him out this time as he blasts him with left and right hooks. Sonnen’s not getting out of this and looks like he wants to tap out, but the referee saves him the trouble and so Evans gets the TKO victory with 4.05mins of the first round gone.