Raulian Paiva Edges Out Kyler Phillips By Majority Decision At UFC On ESPN 27

Raulian Paiva ate some huge blows against Kyler Phillips tonight at UFC On ESPN 27, but he didn’t let that slow him down and after a tough first round he was able to turn things around enough to eventually emerge with a decision victory.

Round One:

Glancing low kick from Phillips to start. He lands a punch and kick, but Paiva also fires off on the counter.

Phillips steps into another punch. Good start for Phillips as he works nice combinations. He throws a kick followed by punches and drops Paiva.

Paiva back up though and back to striking. Phillips continues to push a high pace though as he darts in and out looking to land punches and kicks.

Phillips looks for a kick and Paiva catches it and lands a punch to knock him to the mat for a second.

Paiva on top, but Phillips switches. Back upright Phillips swings and misses big on a punch.

Nice left hook from Phillips. Paiva tries to step in, but gets caught with a good right hand that may have hurt him. Paiva now trying for a takedown to buy himself some time.

Back on the feet now. Phillips drops down to the mat and Paiva is able to settle on top. Good scramble from Phillips to end up on top. He works for a mount, but Paiva brings him back to half-guard. Phillips lands an elbow. Paiva stands back up.

elbow or Phillips and now a clean right hand. Paiva back on the mat and seems a bit unsteady as he manages to work back to his feet.

Phillips steps in looking for a finish with a huge elbow to the chin and Paiva is down again and in real trouble. Phillips blasts him with more strikes and Paiva barely makes it out of the round.

Round Two:

Body punch for Phillips. Paiva in on the hips and drops down for a leg lock, but Phillips escapes and gets back to his feet.

Leg kick for Phillips. Right hook lands. Paiva lands a right hand and drops Phillips. Phillips gets back up, but Paiva is on him and landing more punches. Phillips on the defensive now. Phillips does land a banging right though that serves as a reminder of his offensive threat.

Paiva undeterred though and is still marching forward menacingly looking to work his punches.

Phillips does well to take Paiva down mid-way through the round. Paiva stands against the cage and then manages to separate.

Phillips lands a one-two, but both men look a bit weary, though still committing offensively. Paiva goes in for a takedown, but nothing doing.

Phillips brings the fight to the mat now and for a moment his positioning is sloppy, but he readjusts to secure top position.

However, the fight moves back to the feet soon after. Phillips lands a big right hand. However, Paiva then blasts him with one of his own as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Jabs traded to start the third. Phillips tries or a takedown and Paiva quickly shuts it down. Kick for Phillips and Paiva returns fire.

Right hand for Phillips. Body punch from Paiva. Paiva stuffs another takedown attempt. Stepping jab for Paiva and then marches forward looking to land a couple more blows.

Phillips in on a single leg and gets it, but then Paiva pops straight back up nicely. Paiva works an elbow in close.

Power right hand from Phillips, but Paiva takes it. In close Phillips lands a grazing knee upstairs. Uppercut from Paiva.

Short left hand from Phillips, but Paiva lands punches of his own.

Phillips digs deep and drives into a takedown and he lands it. However, Paiva gets up nicely. Phillips clinches up against the cage. Paiva reverses the position and then works for a takedown. Phillips attempting to set up a submission, but not able to get it.

Paiva on top in half guard here as we head towards the final minute of the fight. Paiva with a few left hands.

Final 10 seconds and Phillips gets back up. He lands a clipping right hand and that’s the final big blow of the fight as we head to the judges scorecards.


Intense action and crazy pace from these two fighters then, with Phillips having a big first round after starting fast, but Paiva showcased a sturdy chin, heavy hands and plenty of heart of his own as the fight progressed, leading to a more evenly contested scrap in the later rounds.

In the end the judges declare a majority decision verdict, and it’s Paiva who gets the victory (29-28 x2, 28-28)!

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