Renato Moicano Defeats Calvin Kattar By Unanimous Decision At UFC 223

Renato Moicano looked good tonight at UFC 223 as he got the better of Calin Kattar on the feet to emerge with a well-earned decision victory.

Round One:

Both fighters measuring each other up here in the opening minute of the round as they circle and feel out with punches just out of range of each other.

leg kick for Moicano. Big overhand right connects for Kattar and then he follows up with more punches behind it.

Another right hand gets home for Kattar. Now it’s Moicano with lands a punch and then a body kick behind it. Jab for Moicano. Low leg kick for Kattar.

Body kick for Moicano and Kattar tries to catch it, but doesn’t do anything with it. Kattar wings his right hand, but doesn’t connect. Straight left for Moicano.

Kicks to the lead leg from Moicano proving somewhat effective. Jab for Moicano and another leg kick. Kattar throws up a head kick, but it doesn’t find the mark.

Counter right hand lands for Moicano and a leg kick behind it as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Nicely timed left hook for Moicano. Straight right for Kattar, but then Moicano immediately responds with a flurry of punches and kicks.

leg kick for Moicano. Right hand for Kattar and a left hook counter from the Brazilian. Now a head kick attempt from Moicano.

The leg kicks from Moicano are still taking their toll here. Moicano throws up a head kick thats blocked. Jab for Kattar. Big left hand for Moicano knocks Kattar off-balance momentarily.

Body kick for Moicano, though he’s almost knocked over to the mat in the process as Kattar catches it.

Jabs from Kattar and then a right hand. Kattar lands a few more punches to the body and then head as he presses forward. Leg kicks for Moicano. Now a nice uppercut and a body kick.

Left hook for Moicano. Now a straight right gets through. The leg kicks continue too. Kattar struggling to land the big punches he need to change the momentum of the fight at this moment and he starts swinging wildly at the end of the round in desperation.

Round Three:

Jab for Moicano. Kattar does well to catch a kick and take Moicano down, but he’s immediately back upright again.

left hand and then a right hook connects for Moicano. Snapping jab for Kattar. Hard leg kick for Moicano. Two right hooks connect and a leg kick.

Another leg kick for Moicano after avoiding strikes from Kattar. Moicano puts together a crisp combination of punches and kicks. He’s looking fresh in the third round.

Right hook and a leg kick from Moicano. Now a right hand and Kattar is wearing the damage here via his increasingly bloodied nose.

Nice right hands getting through from Moicano as he starts to up the pace. He pieces together a very nice combination and Kattar is showing a good chin her under these onslaughts.

Another big uppercut for Moicano among a series of big punches. Right hand over the top from Kattar. Big right for Moicano and he tries to work an elbow in there too.

Kattar trying to chase down Moicano in the final seconds of the round, but isn’t able to land anything meaningful and so we’re headed to the judges.


Moicano controlled the stand-up action from start to finish here and he deservedly earns himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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