Hacran Dias had his moments in this fight, particularly in the opening round, but Ricardo Lamas gradually began to outwork him in order to ensure a win on the scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 44.

Round One:

Lamas with a quick head kick to start, but it’s blocked. He misses with a leg kick and tries to go upstairs again.

Dias with a kick now. Good leg kick from Lamas as he runs forward, but soon after Dias responds with an even bigger one that makes Lamas pause for a second.

Dias stops a takedown attempt and lands another very hard leg kick. Dias sends Lamas’ head back with a left jab.

More leg kicks traded. Dias with a nice left and right combo. His leg kicks are still on point too, and he’s starting to check Lamas’ own kicks.

They clinch up and battle for position against the cage. Lamas working hard for a takedown from here, but Dias does a good job of defending it.

A minute left in the round and Lamas is still deep in on this takedown attempt, but it’s not happening and the ref resets them.

They exchange punches and Lamas tries a front kick that’s countered by a punch from Dias.

Lamas lands a glancing head kick and Dias scores with one final heavy leg kick to close out the round.

Round Two:

Left hook from Dias to start the second round. Lamas looks to respond and Dias opts to clinch up and press Lamas against the cage.

However, Lamas reverses the position and works hard for a takedown again. This time he almost gets it and settles for shunting around to his opponent’s back. Lamas with a few knee strikes to his opponents leg against the cage, trying to soften him up for another takedown attempt.

Lamas unsuccessful though in that regard and they break apart. Dias with a leg kick and Lamas clinches again, pushing Dias over to the cage.

Lamas tries for the takedown, but Dias hops on one leg and stops it before getting away.

Nice combination in the middle of the Octagon from Lamas, ending with a kick.

Overhand right from Dias knocks Lamas off-balance and then another right behind it. Lamas reacts quickly though, looking for the takedown and this time getting it.

Dias manages to work to his feet quite quickly though, with Lamas still pressed into him. He goes down for a single leg and again doesn’t get it and has to back away.

Dias looking to land his heavier strikes, but Lamas is staying light on his feet and throwing up some kicks. Dias changes strategy and moves in with a takedown attempt of his own, but like Lamas he struggles to make it count.

They break apart in the closing stages of the round and Lamas starts rattling of some strikes. Nothing lands particularly hard, but he’s notably producing the greater volume of strikes now.

Round Three:

Lamas pumping out the jab to begin the round. Dias presses forward looking to land something of his own and Lamas swoops for a takedown. He has to work for it, but does manage to get his opponent down, though not for long.

Lamas stays locked onto Dias though and after landing a few knees to the leg he manages to get around to Dias’ back and hops on to him looking for a rear-naked choke.

Dias shakes him off though and he ends up on top on the mat now with three minutes remaining. Lamas trying to stand now, but Dias is trying to keep him down and potentially take his back.

Lamas does get up to his feet though and it’s Dias who’s got him pressed him up against the cage, taking a leaf out of his opponents book from the previous rounds.

Lamas does well though, managing to spin around and get on top on the mat momentarily before they get upright again.

Final minute now and Lamas presses forward with purpose, landing a nice body shot before going to the takedown attempt again against the cage.

Single leg attempt is fended off by Dias and the round ends with Lamas continuing to clinch.


Relatively close fight here, but Lamas’s adjustments to adopt a more grinding approach in the final two rounds made the difference here and he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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