Robbie Lawler emerged victorious tonight in a five round war with Matt Brown in the main event of UFC On FOX 12.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway for a shot at the welterweight title. Brown pumps out the jab, but Lawler responds with an early combination.

Brown looking to clinch, but Lawler moves away. Head kick attempt from Brown, then he gets caught with a punch.

Lawler lands another punch that knocks Brown off balance a little. Lawler counters him again with a punch as he comes in. He looks faster and crisper than Brown here.

Brown suddenly connects with a right hand that lands solidly and that fires up Brown and he steps forward with more offense.

The fight’s really heating up for Brown now as he lands some solid knees and another good punch. Then he clinches and sweeps Lawler to the mat. Good stuff from Brown after a rocky start.

Lawler manages to get back up and presses Brown up against the cage. Hard left hook for Lawler. Brown’s got a little blood on his face courtesy of the early offense from ‘Ruthless’.

Brown gets a good clinch and lands some solid shots in close. Lawler stays in the clinch though and then blasts Brown with a big right hand and another strike behind it that has Brown hurt be he tries not to show it.

Lawler backs away a ittle and then lands a hard body kick. A spinning back fist from Lawler misses.

Brown looking for a kick, but Lawler counters with a punch. Fists are still flying as an exciting first round comes to a close. Both men had their moments, but Lawler definitely got the best of it for most of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Brown and Lawler immediately responds with punches. Lawler finding a home for his strikes as in round one. Brown goes upstairs with a kick, but it’s blocked. Right hook from Brown is also blocked and Lawler also checks a leg kick for good measure.

Nice kick to the body for Brown. He misses with a leg kick and tries to flow into a spinning backfist, but it just misses too.

Brown with a takedown now, but Lawler manages to get to his feet. Brown stays on his back though, but Lawler peels away.

Brown comes forward and Lawler counters with a right hook. He does the same with a straight right soon after. Leg kick for Brown. Front kick misses. Nice straight left lands for Lawler. Spinning back kick to the body for Brown.

Brown with a little combination and it raises a smile from Lawler. Brown steps forward with a good right hand. He gets into the clinch, but only momentarily.

Body kick for Brown lands as he continues to gain momentum in this round. Lawler responds with a body kick of his own. Final 10 seconds of the round and Lawler thinks about going for a head kick, but pulls out of it and then throws it to the body instead, but it’s partially blocked.

Round Three:

Brown pawing out with the jab and then throws a high kick that’s blocked. He presses in on a takedown attempt and almost gets Lawler down, but he stays upright. Lawler drops down some elbow strikes and then breaks away.

Lawler fires off a good right hand. He lands a big body kick, but Brown takes it. Another kick this time higher from Lawler that’s blocked. Another one, but Brown’s guard takes it.

Brown steps in with a left hand that just wings past Lawler’s head. Brown lands with a few light punches and a kick. Front kick to the body from Lawler and Brown’s hurt, but the ref thinks it was low and there’s stoppage. It wasn’t low though and so they quickly restart.

Lawler with a good punch and another behind it. He follows up with another body kick. 90 seconds of the round remaining. Brown gives Lawler a body kick. He also throws a punch to the mid-section.

Brown clips Lawler with a left hook. Couple of light leg kicks from Lawler, then one up high that doesn’t connect cleanly.

Brown fires off a head kick off his own that’s blocked.

Round Four:

Into the championship rounds and surprisingly these two sluggers are still standing. Nice two-piece combo from Lawler to start. He’s pressing forward with purpose here.

Brown tries to land a head kick, but Lawler catches it and dumps him to the mat. Lawler tries to pass to half guard, but Brown gets him back to full guard. Lawler works hard at it and does manage to pass. Lawler still looking to improve position rather than land strikes for now.

Now Lawler’s trying to posture up, but Brown keeps him tied up and gets his back up against the cage. Lawler transitions to his back and Brown stands up, only to be taken right back down again by Lawler. Brown turtled on his knees now and then stands.

He gets away and they are bak to striking range again. Nice uppercut for Lawler. Brown tries for a kick upstairs but comes up short. He looks for a leg to get a takedown, but Lawler easily pulls away.

Brown comes in with the left and Lawler counters with a right hook. Lawler looks the fresher of the two at this stage, but Brown’s still got some energy left too.

Brown with a few kicks to the legs. He’s trying to stay busy while Lawler seems to be happy to take a little breather here and is just staying out of range a the final seconds tick down.

Round Five:

Few would have predicted that this one would go to round five, but here we are. They trade in close early, both letting their hands go.

Couple of punches connect for Lawler and an elbow strike thuds home from Brown in response. Brown again stepping in with a hard elbow. He moves back and takes a deep breath. Lawler comes in and lands a nice combination before clinching against the cage momentarily.

They break free and lawler lands a few punches, though nothing with too much venom on it. Brown continues to press forward and lands a nice knee to the mid-section.

Brown’s face is bloodied, but he’s still in the trenches and lands a body kick. Brown’s really trying to pour on the pressure and a series of punches connect. Good work from Brown. Another vicious combination and Brown may have hurt his hand there.

He fights on regardless, but Lawler is the one pressing the action now and he connects with punches and a hard body kick that may have hurt Brown.

Brown living up to his ‘Immortal’ moniker though and just won’t be stopped. Both men are really leaving it all in the cage here as punishing blows continue to fly. Brown’s right hand is definitely hurt though as he winces when he uses it.

A flurry from Lawler and Brown slips to the mat. Lawler follows up with a hard kick as Brown gets to his feet.

A frantic round draws to a close and it’s on the judges decision.


This was a fun fight, but Lawler seemed to have the edge overall and that’s how the judges saw it too, handing him the unanimous decision victory (49-46 x2, 48-47) and he’ll now go on to fight Johny Hendricks again for the title.