Tyron Woodley took less than half a round to knock out Robbie Lawler tonight at UFC 201 to become the UFC’s new welterweight champion.

Round One:

The main event welterweight title fight is underway. Woodley circling on the outside to start. He starts to wrok his way back to the center as the cautious opening minute continues.

Lawler with a kick to maintain distance as Woodley comes forward, but it doesn’t put off the challenger who wings a punch as he barrels into the clinch.

It’s not long before the ref breaks them up though. Back to striking range. Lawler is being really cautious here.

suddenly Woodley comes forward and throws a venemous right hand and it topples Lawler like a tree. Woodley follows up with a series of right hands on the mat that Lawler is too dazed to defend against, and that’s it, Woodley gets a swift knockout victory at 2.12mins of the first round and becomes the new UFC welterweight champion!