Roman Dolidze Grinds To Decision Win Over Laureano Staropoli At UFC Fight Night 189

Roman Dolidze embraced the grind from the clinch against Laureano Staropoli tonight at UFC Fight Night 189 for three full rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Body kick from Staropoli after a missed overhand. Two hard calf kicks from Staropoli. However, then as he moves into range again Dolidze brings him down.

Staropoli scrambling back to his feet, but Dolidze stays tight to him against the cage as he’s getting upright.

Dolidze shunting around to the back of his opponent. Knee upstairs from him as his opponent was covering up.

Staropoli tries to trip him, but nothing doing, he just can’t get away from Dolize’s grip for now. He attempts the trip again and fails again.

A few knees to the back of the thigh from Dolidze. Eventually Dolidze manages to land a takedown, but Staropoli scrambles back to the cage and looks to stand, eating a few punches along the way.

Staropoli just can’t get free here and Dolidze continues to wear on his opponent for the remainder of the round wile landing a few more knees to the back of the thigh.

Round Two:

Staropoli tries to step in and land a big punch, but Dolidze times it and lands an immediate takedown. Staropoli again working over to the cage and stands, with Dolidze again scooting around to his back on the feet again.

It looks like it’s going to be more of the same in this round as in the last, but Staropoli does manage to finally break free.

Staropoli looking to get busy on the feet, but just as he’s getting going he then slips. They remain at striking range and Staropoli needs to make use of this, but before he can really get going, Dolidze gets back into the clinch against the cage and works around to the back, stifling his opponent up against the cage.

Staropoli able to turn into him at least, but Dolidze still in full control. However, in the final minute, Staropoli lands a trip takedown, but then thinks better of continuing to tangle with Dolidze on the mat and backs out.

Back on the feet Dolidze is soon able to get back into the clinch against the cage. Final seconds of the round and Staropoli gets free and unloads one head kick attempt that’s blocked before the horn sounds.

Round Three:

Stepping jab for Staropoli. Now a couple of leg kicks. Now a side kick to the body from him.

Leg kick for Dolidze now. Another lands for him. Head kick attempt from Staropoli is blocked. Another attempt with the same result. A spinning attempt from him is aborted before it can connect.

Staropoli goes for another head kick attempt, but Dolidze ducks in, gets to his back and presses him into the cage. They are talking now, with Staropoli appearing to be imploring him to fight and Dolidze laughs in response.

Dolidze tries for the takedown, but Staropoli defends that. Staropoli attempting a standing guillotine, but Dolidze escapes while working for a single leg attempt. Staropoli with a few elbows.

Staropoli able to manufacture a takedown. He stands over Dolidze who is threatening to work upkicks to keep him at bay, then gets back up.

Staropoli tries to get back to striking, but immediately Dolidze clinches up. Knees from him and then a final punch as the round ends.


Not the most thrilling fight then, but no doubt about the winner, with Dolidze earning a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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