Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza showed off some of his skills on the mat tonight against Francis Carmont in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 36, but despite several attempts to find a submission finish he had to settle for a win on the scorecards.

Round One:

Carmont with a front kick to the body from range to start this one off. There’s a lull in the action and then he tries it again, but this time ‘jacare’ gets out the way.

‘Jacare’ tries a spinning strike, then moves in with a punch – it didn’t seem like much, but it might have hurt Carmont as he’s then able to get in and take him to the mat.

The Brazilian has Carmont’s back with the body lock closed in. Carmont tries to get back upright, but Jacare pulls keeps him down. Carmont punches behind him trying to find his opponent’s face.

Jacare trying to sink in the choke now, but nothing doing for the time being and he lands some short punches to soften him up.

Then Souza swiftly does get that arm under the chin and it looks tight. Carmont not tapping, but he must be close to doing so. He somehow survives though and eventually Jacare gives up the attempt. Jacare’s still got his back, but in the final five seconds of the round Carmont does manage to reverse him, but there’s not time to capitalize on it.

Round Two:

Carmont lands a very low kick to start the second. Another one lands a little higher up, but still to the calf.

Jacare returns fire with a kick of his own and then wings in a few punches as he tries to initiate a takedown, but it doesn’t pan out.

They separate and Carmont unleashes another rangey kick. He’s pumping the jab now trying to keep him at bay. Another leg kick for Carmont.

A big looping punch from Jacare just misses. Jacare pressing forward and then tries a wheel kick that doesn’t quite connect properly.

Carmont thinks about a takedown, but doesn’t commit to it and they break apart. Jacare uncorks another big strike, but it misses and he loses his balance for a moment.

Jacare wades in and cuffs Carmont with a punch that didn’t land cleanly.

Now Jacare attempts a little clinch work against the cage, but soon lets it go. There’s an exchange of punches in close and it’s Carmont who gets the better of it on this occasion.

Jacare tries a head kick and it just wings past Carmont’s head. Body kick and a punch from Carmont. Jacare stalks him down and lands a good punch to the body. Carmont motions him to keep going and Jacare gets over-enthusiastic, loading up on another punch that misses.

They clinch briefly, separate and start to strike again, but that’s the round over.

Round Three:

GSP’s in Carmont’s corner and he’s fired up shouting at him in an attempt to get him pumped up for the final round. Jabs and kicks then follow from Carmont as the final five minutes begins.

Jacare ducks under strikes from Carmont and secures a nice takedown. He takes his back and sinks in his hooks, landing some blows down on his opponent.

He’s got Carmont almost flattened out now and dishes out more blows. Carmont turns and Jacare has to settle for half guard now. He manages to shift position though and as Carmont gets up he manages to take his back once more.

Carmont working hard to try to turn, but Jacare’s got the body lock in tight and prevents him from doing so.

Jacare landing a few short punches and Carmont’s motioning to the referee to stand them, but that’s not going to work.

The Brazilian attempts to sink in a choke attempt, but he’s unable to get it. Final 30 seconds now and Carmont’s trying to hit him from behind, and then in the final seconds Jacare locks in another choke attempt, but there’s not enough time to see whether he could have completed it or not.


No real question about the winner here, Jacare’s dominant ground work in the first and third rounds were the big difference here and he takes the unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).