Ronda Rousey Prioritizing Fighting Career Over Movie Stardom

With all the attention the UFC’s first female fighter Ronda Rousey has been getting lately it was almost inevitable that Hollywood would come calling, and that lead to fears that she may turn her back on the sport.

However, it turns out Rousey isn’t planning to follow in Gina Carano’s footsteps for the time being, and despite being targeted for a role in a sequel to ‘The Hunger Games’ she remains committed to her fighting career.

“People have reached out to us for various things, but I’ve learned from other people’s actions before,” Rousey tells SportsNet. “I mean – I think a classic example is when ‘Rampage’ was doing so well in MMA and then he left to go do the ‘A-Team’ stuff for a long time and the movie did well, and he did a really good job in it but he kind of fell out of that fighting rhythm and he never really regained his stride in fighting again. And that’s what people knew him for, and that’s what Hollywood was interested in him for in the first place, and when he lost that – the fighting success that he had before, Hollywood lost its interest.

“So I really am keeping fighting my number one priority right now, and if we can fit in some other opportunities around the fighting then I’m very, very happy to do that, but my window of opportunity in MMA is very short and I’m going to – it’s going to have 100 percent of my attention and then afterward I can do whatever comes along. But right now all the Hollywood stuff has to work around the fighting and not the other way around.”

That would appear to be a smart decision from Rousey. Fame can be fleeting, particularly in Hollywood and truth be told there’s a very small percentage of people who’ve successfully managed to crossover from the sporting world and experience longevity in that business.

Watch Rousey’s full interview with Showdown Joe below.


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