In the wake of Ronda Rousey’s one-sided KO loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 this past weekend the former champion’s long-time coach Edmond Tarverdyan has come under fire, with many experts believing that the 28 year-old wasn’t properly prepared to face a striker of her opponent’s caliber.

Famed boxing coach Freddie Roach was particularly scathing in his post-fight remarks, offering his opinion that based on her performance Rousey didn’t seem to have grasped some of the fundamentals of boxing.

“[Holm] came out as a leftie and a southpaw and Rousey had no idea how to deal with that,” Roach told FightHubTV. “It was embarrassing a little bit. No one ever taught her anything about boxing.”

Roach isn’t the only one to say so however, with retired UFC Fighter turned FOX Sports 1 analyst Kenny Florian also noting on his podcast with Jon Anik that Rousey didn’t have the basic footwork to deal with a southpaw.

“Rousey didn’t prepare properly for a southpaw,” Florian said. “I don’t know if it was lack of execution. I don’t know if it was her coaching not bringing her up to speed. I wouldn’t believe that. I would assume Edmund would prepare her for such an opponent. The way she went out there, it seemed like she really didn’t know what to do against a southpaw. It looked like she just didn’t do her homework.”

Florian was also critical of Tarverdyan’s coaching in the corner after a bad first round for Rousey.

“I just didn’t like what he said after the first round. I don’t like telling a fighter that they’re doing a great job when they’re not doing a great job. I think you need to be more real with your fighter.”

Florian’s comments were echoed by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who stated on his podcast that he likes Tarverdyan, and indeed has even had him on his show alongside Rousey, but nevertheless he felt the coach’s advice in-between rounds was a mistake.

“I don’t not like what he said in the corner,” Rogan said on Sunday during a special episode of his podcast with Dana White. “He wasn’t honest with her, he told her she did great, he was like, ‘great round, champ, everything’s great’. I mean, maybe he was trying to psychologically pump her up, but that’s not what she needed. She needed technical advice. She needed someone to tell her what she was doing wrong and how to correct it.”

Rogan went on to suggest that perhaps Tarverydyan wasn’t the right person to give her the advice she needed in this particular instance, stating that, “He is more of a boxing coach than he is an overall MMA coach.”

Given that the main criticism stemming from the fight is that Rousey’s boxing seemed sub-par, these comments have got to sting for Tarverdyan who’d already come in for harsh words from Rousey’s mother AnnMaria De Mars in the weeks leading up to the fight when she went as far as to say that she hated him and believed that he was disrespectful to the women he trained at his Glendale Fight Club gym in L.A.

To add to his woes it also emerged in the days prior to UFC 193 that Tarverdyan had filed for bankruptcy and had claimed in official forms that he was unemployed which raised eyebrows giving his high-profile coaching role with the sport’s biggest star.

The fallout from Rousey’s KO loss will put a further strain on the relationship between coach and fighter, but at this stage no one is sure whether she’ll continue to remain with the man who’s overseen her entire MMA career to date.

“At the end of the day, Edmond’s a guy who really cares about Ronda and her career and all of that stuff,” Dana White stated on the JRE Podcast. “I think as a team they’ll sit down and try to figure out what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.”


  1. Ronda rousey needs to fire her coach Edmond Tarverdyan.He did a horrible preparing her.All of those videos of Rousey hitting the pads was just for show.She was getting destroyed in the 1st round & his advice between rounds that she was looking good. What fight was he watching.It proves he was just there for money.This sounds harsh but he probably bet on Holly holms.Ronda wasn’t even close to being ready for this fight. I wish her well.Godspeed.

  2. I agree with every single thing you said. I think Ronda definitely needs to switch camps. He’s not good for her the only thing I’m worried about is that she’s too loyal. If he cared a little about her he would direct her to a great striking coach but he’s too selfish and arrogant to do it. He was going on about how she apologized to him after the fight. My jaw literally dropped after hearing that. He failed her and she apologizes!!!

  3. I still wish Ronda didnt save him from an ass whooping on the TUF show. Meisha’s boyfriend could have murdered him.

    Edmund is a loser. He picks fights that he cant back up.
    Ronda saves him.

    Rondas mother tells us he didnt give her the time of day when she was starting out…yet she keeps him on board.

    First UFC round she ever really needed support and advice…he tells her she is doing good?

    I thought Ronda didnt like fake people?
    Ronda, lose that guy, lose your over confident attitude, learn standup, and you will be back in no time to rule.

  4. Totally agree that Ronda should switch camps. It appears Edmond does not know how to teach defense, footwork, or cutting angles. The results speak for themselves. He turned Shafir, Duke, Bazzler, Shaub, and Browne into punching bags. Dr. Annmaria was right again. Kings MMA would be a good match in LA.

    There is absolutely no way that this guy can help Ronda. No way.
    Her preparation was awful, toe to toe, boxing to takedown … and no knowledge of the opponent.
    The only amazing thing is that Ronda with her natural skill still managed to weather a few left-straights in the face and get into reasonably good grappling positions.
    But … turning up with no training isn’t going to cut any more.
    With a good team Ronda would be vastly vastly better.
    Right now it’s like her natural ability is supposed to work with almost no training.
    She carries Tarverdyan.
    I don’t know what for.
    But … all that blood coming out of your nose, and lying on the floor with your legs in the air is because of that guy.
    Whatever you owe him is paid, if you owed him anything.
    Time to split.
    You are much better than this.
    You are a great champion, a gifted athlete, and if you want to fight, fight proud.

  6. Always thought it was kind of weird that Rousey’s coach was just a boxing coach with no MMA experience while all other fighters has a team of experience MMA coaches from Muay Thai to bbj.

  7. Ronda rousey full of style she’s the best
    When she win..she win in style
    And when she loose..she loose in style
    Now can you emagine what her draw gonna be like???? That’s gonna be full of style lol
    I cant wait for that..
    Big up yourself ROWDY RONDA ROUSEY your the best at what you do