Ross Pearson picked up a big TKO win tonight over Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 47 in a bout that had been closely contested up until that point.

Round One:

Maynard lands with a nice left early. He comes forward with purpose, but Pearson moves away from danger.

Pearson dodges another lunging punch from Maynard. Pearson connects with a punch of his own. Head kick attempt from Pearson is blocked.

Maynard in aggressively on a takedown attempt. He’s got Pearson down on one knee against the cage here, but can’t finish it completely and they end up in the clinch. Maynard with some good body shots and Pearson with a hook before they break.

Left hook lands for Pearson. Jab for Maynard and a little combo behind it. High kick misses for Pearson. He lands a stepping jab. Maynard times a nice right hand as Pearson comes ducking in.

Hard head kick attempt from Maynard blocked. Left hand for Maynard and gets a takedown off of it. Pearson does well to get back up and into the clinch with a knee.

They’re back to striking range again now and Pearson goes for a couple of body kicks to close out the round and Maynard is sporting a little cut on his nose as he returns to his corner.

Round Two:

Jab lands lightly for Pearson. He lands a low leg kick too. Maynard in on a takedown attempt. He’s working hard for it, but Pearson does a good job staying on his feet.

nice jab from Pearson and Maynard lands to the body. Pearson lands a right hand that Maynard walked right into and he looks stunned by it. Pearson smells blood and goes in for the kill, unleashes a three-punch combination with a left hand dumping Maynard to the mat.

Pearson immediately followed him to the mat and started to fire off a barrage of right hands as Maynard turned away which quickly prompted the referee to step in and call an end to the fight with Pearson earning the TKO victory with 1.35mins on the clock.

So, a big win for Pearson while four tough losses due to strikes in his last five fights will leave serious question marks over Maynard’s future in the sport.