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Roxanne Modafferi TKO’s Barb Honchak In Second Round At TUF 27 Finale

Roxanne Modafferi earned her first win in the UFC tonight at The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale by TKO’ing Barb Honchack via ground and pound elbows in the second round.

Round One:

Modaferri throwing out punches to start, but not finding the mark so far. Both ladies struggling a bit to find their range.

two-punch combo for Honchak gets through. Another one-two connects. Right hand for Modaferri. Both ladies connect as they exchange in close, with honchak’s head snapping back as a punch lands.

Sudden takedown attempt from Modafferi and she gets Honchak down in the middle of the Octagon. Modafferi in half-guard here and looking to pass. Honchak managing to keep her there for now though.

Honchak slowly moves here way over toward the cage from her back. Modaferri with a grew ground and pound strikes. Final 10 seconds of teh round and Modafferi moves to side control, but there’s not enough time to do anything with it.

Round Two:

Glancing blows from Modaferri to start. She tries to work her jab. Honchak looking for straight punches on the counter. honchak attempts a takedown, but it doesn’t work out and it’s Modafferi who counters and lands right up on top.

Modafferi working from this advantageous position, raining down some ground and pound. honchak brings her back to half-guard. Modafferi doing well to control the action on the mat here.

Honchak looks to reverse, but not only does that not work, but allows Modafferi to move back into full mount. Modafferi starting to drop down hard elbow strikes and doesn’t stop. The intensity of them picks up and the ref is taking a close look at this as Honchak just covers up, and then steps in to end the fight. Modafferi wins in the second round by TKO!

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