Roy Nelson punished Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira with his right hand power punching tonight at UFC Fight Night 39, dropping him a couple of times before finally knocking him out late in the first round.

Round One:

We’re underway in the main event. Nogueira takes the center of the Octagon to start. ‘Big Nog’ throwing more punches, albeit tentatively.

Suddenly Nelson unleashes with an uppercut¬† and right hand that drops Nogueira. He doesn’t seem too badly hurt though and is soon back to his feet.

Nelson doesn’t look to push the pace too much after that, taking his time which gives Nogueira time to reset himself.

Nice jab from Nogueira and he looks to close the distance for a takedown, but is unsuccessful.  Solid right hand lands for Nelson, but Nogueira takes it and continues on.

Seconds later Nelson scores with the right hand again and this time Nogueira’s badly rocked, hitting the deck hard.

He manages to get back up, but his legs are like jelly and he can barely stay upright. He’s all heart though and somehow continues on, but things are not looking good at all for him as Nelson continues to press forward.

Nelson ducks down and uncorks another huge overhand right that connects perfectly and instantly knocks out ‘Big Nog’, felling him like a tree with 3.37mins of the first round gone.

Devastating finish from ‘Big Country’ there and you have to think that Nogueira will be giving serious thought to retirement after another tough loss.