Roy Nelson edged out Jared Rosholt by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 82 in an underwhelming co-main event.

Round One:

Nelson stalking Rosholt early, keeping a low stance as he presumably is expecting takedown attempts.

Rosholt moving on the outside close to the cage here. He tries to come forward with a left hand, but Nelson avoids. Nelson wades in with a few strikes and Rosholt quickly moves away and resets.

Nelson pumps out the left hand and then tries to clobber home the right, but he misses. Rosholt misses with an overhand, but connects with another punch behind it.

Body punch from Nelson. Nelson misses with a couple of strikes and Rosholt ends up clipping him with a counter and then tries to capitalize on that, hoping Nelson is hurt. However, Nelson moves away and seems fine.

Punch lands for Rosholt. Nelson feels out with his hook. Couple of lefts connect for Rosholt. Rosholt trying to pressure, but not letting his hands go as Rosholt scores with a leg kick.

Nelson with a punch. Rosholt goes up the middle with a front kick. That’s the end of the round and not a great deal of meaningful offense from either man and perhaps surprisingly no sign of a takedown attempt from Rosholt.

Round Two:

Rosholt tries to keep Nelson at bay with the jab. Rosholt tries for a takedown as Nelson comes in, but it doesn’t pay off. Nelson lands a counter left hand.

Right misses for Rosholt. Straight left for Nelson. Solid leg kick from Nelson and that buckled Rosholt leg a bit.

Rosholt steps forward and Nelson meets him with a jab. Nelson slips after a missed punch and as he gets up Rosholt tries to land offense, but isn’t successful.

Nelson trying to score with the jab, but Rosholt backs away. Body kick for Rosholt. Left hand for Nelson. Another kick from Rosholt.

Rosholt a little hesitant with punches in close and Nelson catches him with a left. Leg kick from Rosholt. Left hook from Nelson.

Short combo from Nelson with a left in particular landing nicely. Punch lands for Rosholt. He loads up on a big right, but hits thin air.

Overhand wings past Rosholt’s head. Both men could use a little more accuracy and volume to their work here.

Round Three:

Chunky leg kick from Nelson – Rosholt definitely doesn’t like that but it’s not a weapon ‘Big Country’ is using to often.

Nelson tries to reach for a takedown, but Rosholt fends him off. Solid jab lands for Nelson. Nelson pressing forward with urgency, but Rosholt keeps his distance.

Big overhand from Nelson just clips Rosholt who quickly vacates the scene. Rosholt tries for a head kick and Nelson almost put his head into that, but it misses.

Rosholt steps into a jab from Nelson. ‘Big Country’ steps in on a hard leg kick. left hand for Rosholt, but not a lot on it. Rosholt goes in on a takedown attempt, but Nelson defends well and stays upright before shrugging him off.

Winging punches from Nelson miss the target. left hook for Rosholt. Left and a right for Nelson. Both men throw at the same time and Rosholt’s left seems to land a little better. Nelson swinging for the fences now, but not finding a home for his loaded up shots.


Not an inspiring performance from either co-main eventer here, but Nelson offered just a little more on the feet and was frequently pressing forward which helped earn him the unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).