Ryan Bader dominated his fight with Anthony Perosh tonight at UFC Fight Night 33 from start to finish, hurting him on the feet and punishing him on the mat over the course of three rounds.

Round One

Perosh comes forward and gets clipped with a punch. He falls to his knees, but it seems like it moore of a slip than anything else.

Bader fairly busy in the early going here as he works some nice uppercuts in and then seems to just bundle Perosh to the mat. Bader looking to work ground and pound, but before long Perosh manages to get upright.

Pressing him up against the cage, Bader lands a vicious uppercut and Perosh staggers away. Perosh is game though and starts to land a few solid strikes of his own.

Bader’s not phased though and he continues to push the pace and under the pressure Perosh seems to stumble again and Bader is on him on the mat.

He lands some punches on the mat before Perosh manages to work his way upright again. Bader stalking him and lands a solid straight down the pipe that gives Perosh pause for thought.

Perosh bombs forward with some strikes, but hits thin air. Bader closes the distance and manages to get a takedown. He postures up and lands a nice elbow to the face that opens a cut.

He leaps in again and then drops down some more punishing elbows to end the round and leave Perosh’s face streaked with blood.

Round Two

Bader lands with a left hand to start the second. Perosh wades forward and lands a combo.

Bader gets in close and secures a takedown close to the cage. He moves into side control and lands a knee to the body.

Perosh tries to get upright and Bader takes his legs out to make sure he can’t complete that move. A few elbows and punches follow as Bader methodically attempts to break his opponent down.

He postures up and lands a good left hand as he drops down again. Couple of punches land to the head as Perosh opts to turtle up and then attempt to stand, but again he’s thwarted by Bader.

Coming up to a minute to go in the round and Bader’s continuing to feed perosh a slow, steady diet of ground and pound, mainly short elbows which ensure Perosh remains bloodied up.

Round Three

Perosh with a flurry of punches to start the round, but doesn’t connect with it and then Bader returns fire and clips him before securing his latest takedown.

Bader just looks too strong for Perosh on the mat. Having said that, Perosh doesn’t give up trying to get back to his feet, but Bader’s wise to it and keeps stopping him from doing so.

Controlling Perosh’s posture he lands a number of steady left hands. Perosh finally manages to get up standing, but only for a moment as Bader dumps him back down and steps up the pace. He’s unleashing some nasty ground and pound and this one could be stopped at any moment.

Credit to Perosh though, he gets back to his feet again, only to be brought to his back again almost immediately. He’s soaked in blood now, but refuses to give in.

30 seconds to go and Bader gets to full mount for a brief second, but then works from half guard. He stands up and launches more offense on his grounded opponent. The bell finally sounds, and not a moment too soon for the beaten up Perosh.


No surprises here, a clean sweep on the judges scorecards for Bader (30-27 x2, 30-26).