Sam Alvey Defeats Cezar Ferreira Result At UFC Fight Night 61

Sam Alvey got off to an exceptionally slow start against Cezar ‘Mutante’ Ferreira tonight at UFC Fight Night 61, but all was forgiven when he suddenly uncorked two hooks that stopped his opponent dead in his tracks.

Round One:

Mutante with a body kick to start. He lands a leg kick too. Snap kick to the body then a spinning kick that misses.

Front kick to the body now and then another kick to the midsection. Alvey offering nothing of note so far. Mutante pushing in with punches and Alvey covers up.

Alvey taking the center of the Octagon, but still no offense to show for it. Mutante lands a left hand and a few kicks follow that are mostly blocked. He misses an elbow.

Half the round over and Alvey still not doing anything and eats another body kick before ducking just under a wheel kick.

Mutante steps in with a right hand and Alvey lands a knee to the midsection. Mutante lands a left and Alvey staggers off-balance a little, but then resets and seems ok.

Mutante moves in with an upwards elbow that lands. However, out-of-the-blue Alvey finally unloads with a right hook and a left behind it that drops Mutante hard to the canvas. A devastating combo and it’s followed by two hard punches on the mat that seals a KO finish with 3.34mins of the opening round gone. That came out of nowhere!

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