Scott Holtzman Defeats Dong Hyun Ma By TKO At UFC On ESPN 5

Scott Holtzman earned himself a second round TKO stoppage over Dong Hyun Ma at UFC On ESPN 5 after initially damaging his opponent’s eye with a right hand that floored him in the first round, which would eventually swell shut and force a doctor’s stoppage after round two.

Round One:

Holtzman looking for leg kicks early, but not finding his range yet. Left hook for Holtzman. Nice quick right hand for him now.

Ma comes up short with a jab. Uppercut for Holtzman and then a leg kick. He lands a hard right hand and Ma staggers backwards and drops to his back.

Holtzman follows him to the mat and goes into half guard with three minutes of the round remaining. Holtzman thinking about a von preux choke, but then gives up on that and instead is able to transition to full mount.

Ma gets him back to half guard. Holtzman attempting to get the full mount again and Ma almost gets out from underneath him as he does so, but Holtzman resets and is back to working from half guard.

Ma gets a little space and uses the cage to stand. Hard body strike for Holtzman. Uppercut and then a right hand for him. Ma with a nasty contusion below his left eye from damage sustained from the knockdown earlier in the round.

Round Two:

leg kick for Holtzman and a counter right lands from Ma. Both men grazing punches from close range. Holtzman with a leg kick. Right hand for Holtzman and then a left hook to follow.

Ma connects with a right in close. Holtzman steps into a punch that lands clean, but Ma eats it and lands one of his own. Holtzman motions him forward, but soon after gets taken down.

Holtzman back up and presses Ma against the cage. They eventually seperate and Holtzman lands an uppercut. Holtzman putting on more pressure here landing another uppercut and jab, but Ma is landing too.

Holtzman gets caught with a big punch and is dropped, but before Ma can capitalize Holtzman bounces straight back up and drives him into the cage.

Holtzman back to striking range and teeing off now on Ma with uppercuts and right hands, but he just won’t go down and is still connecting at times himself.

They clinch again and thhen back to striking range. Ma’s eye is almost swollen shut now as Holtzman drives into a takedown and lands it against the cage.

Big elbow from Holtzman and then a few punches, then a final elbow to end the round.

Inbetween rounds the doctor is brought in to check on Ma’s swollen left eye and he admits he can’t see out of it, which leads to the fight being brought to an end, giving Holtzman the TKO victory.

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