Sergey Spivak Beats Aleksei Oleinik By Decision At UFC On ESPN 25

Sergey Spivak bloodied up Aleksei Oleinik on the feet tonight at UFC On ESPN 25 and also was able to get the better of the action on the ground, aside from a few anxious moments, in order to earn a unanimous decision.

Round One:

Leg kick from Oleinik to start. Jab from Spivak. Oleinik throws punches to close the distance and clinch up. He’s looking for the takedown, but Spivak brushes him aside.

A flurry of punches from both men here. Leg kick for Oleinik. Spivak with the jab. Oleinik trying to punch into the clinch again, but he’s getting pushes away by Spivak.

Punches from Spivak landing. Again Oleinik into the clinch and again he fails to work a takedown from it. Rinse and repeat from Oleinik and still no joy.

Oleinik with a single leg attempt now, but he’s not getting the bigger man down yet. Back at striking range Oleinik takes a deep breath. Spivak lands an uppercut.

More clinch work from Oleinik and more solid defense from Spivak. Heading towards the final minute of the round Oleinik is able to get around to the back of Spivak and starts to try to drag him to the mat.

At first Spivak keeps his balance, but then Oleinik finally does get him down. Big danger for Spivak given Oleinik’s stellar submission record.

Oleinik able to get to mount. He’s trying to work a submission before the end of the round. He thinks about a scarf hold, but the clock is going to beat him here.

Round Two:

Leg kicks from Oleinik. jabs from Spivak and then a straight behind it. Oleinik with a straight hand as he wades forward and Spivak lands a counter.

Oleinik drives into a straight punch. Jabs from Spivak. A few missed looping punches from Oleinik. Hook lands nicely for Spivak. Now a short flurry of punches.

Spivak brings Oleinik down, but ‘The Boa Constrictor’ didn’t offer much resistance as he’s happy to work submissions from his back.

Spivak being somewhat cautious here. He’s in half-guard now but has to stay heavy to stop a possible Oleinik transition.

Spivak lands a hook. Oleinik looking to set up a submission, but Oleinik avoids it and stays on top. 90 seconds of the round remaining and Spivak lands an elbow and a few punches to the head. Another right hand lands. Oleinik has a bit of a cut to his forehead.

Spivak boldly goes for an anaconda choke but it doesn’t pay off and Oleinik ends up on top with 30 seconds remaining.

Oleinik quickly going to work trying to set up his favored ezekiel choke and Spivak has to spend the last few seconds just gutting it out.

Round Three:

Jab to the top of the head from Spivak. Leg kick from Oleinik. Another jab for Spivak. More jab work from him. Right hand from Oleinik.

Inside leg kick and then an outside one from Oleinik. Spivak also landing a knee to the body. Punches for Spivak and opens a cut to the side of Oleinik’s head.

Spivak with a flurry of punches. Oleinik trying for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. More punches from Spivak and Oleinik looks very tired.

Credit to Oleinik though, he’s still pressing forward, attempting to let his hands go and get into the clinch again.

Spivak tired too and he welcomes an opportunity to get the fight to the mat, with Oleinik potentially baiting him here to try to set up a late submission attempt.

For now Spivak is in half-guard though and looking to land a few elbows to the head. Final minute of the fight. Oleinik with a a few hammerfists from his back.

Hammerfist from Spivak. a few right hands from Spivak in the final seconds, but also not taking too many chances given his opponent’s submission prowess.


Spivak got the better of the action on the feet then and also managed to gain some spells of top control on the mat and survive a few submission attempts from Oleinik to earn his unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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