Sergio Pettis Defeats John Moraga By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 103

Sergio Pettis got the better of John Moraga over the course of three rounds tonight at UFC Fight Night 103 to earn himself a unanimous decision victory on the scorecards.

Round One:

Moraga with a jab and then a leg kick soon after. Pettis starting to take the center of the Octagon as he throws out an occasional 1-2 combo.

Nice jab for Pettis. Left hand gets through for Pettis, and then again cleaner shortly afterwards.

Clinch from Moraga and a quick knee, then forces Pettis over to the cage. It’s not long before Pettis moves back out of the clinch though.

Both men showing a willingess to exchange and so far the cleaner, crisper work is coming from Pettis. A right hook in particular lands for Pettis that knocks his opponent backwards.

Moraga with a 1-2 as he tries to gain Pettis’ respect. Kick upstairs from Pettis. Leg kick from Moraga. Pettis gets caught with a hard punch.

Now Pettis changes things up with a takedown and lands it, but Moraga is soon back up to his feet. Pettis clinches Moraga up against the cage, but not for long.

Another solid punch from Pettis. Moraga with a big punch that snaps Pettis’ head back, but he still manages to counter with an equally hard punch of his own. Another clean shot for Pettis. He staggers Moraga with a blow as the round draws to a close, but he seems ok.

Round Two:

Pettis firing out a quick jab to start the second. Nice jab from Pettis though. Leg kick for Moraga. Punches come up just short for Moraga, but Pettis counter connects. Brief flurry from Pettis.

Moraga swoops in on a takedown. Pettis tried a guillotine there, but nothing doing. Pettis able to kick Moraga off and then carefully works his way back to his feet.

Back to striking range. Moraga lands a right hand and Pettis tries a kick upstairs. Jab for Moraga. He just misses with a powerful straight right.

Pettis with an uppercut. Busier work from Pettis. Another kick attempt from him. Moraga moves in on a single leg attempt and presses his opponent to the cage.

Pettis gets out of that with 90 seconds of the round remaining. Nice left and a right hook from Pettis. Body kick from Moraga.

Overhand for Moraga sets up a takedown attempt against the cage. Pettis counters with a guillotine, but soon lets it go and moves off the fence.

Switch kick from Pettis to the body. He lands a right hand and then a solid left as Moraga comes forward at the end of the round.

Round Three:

Pettis flicking out punches, but coming out just short. Pettis’ rangier work lands, but then he gets caught with a big punch.

Pettis misses with a wheel kick. Nice right hand from Moraga and another. Pettis with a solid straight right of his own. Kick for him.

Moraga moves into another takedown attempt, but Pettis uses that guillotine counter again as he remains upright against the cage.

Moraga continuing to work on the takedown and eventually does land it with 3 minutes remaining. Moraga in Pettis guard and looking to pass. Moraga tries for a heel hook, but Pettis manages to get free and ends up on top.

Moraga rolls to his knees and Pettis tries to take his back. Moraga able to shrug him off and stand though. Pettis immediately pushes his opponent against the cage.

Pettis looking for a takedown, but down on his knees he can’t make it happen and he pops back up and they go to striking range.

Kick for Pettis. Moraga takedown is stuffed. Final minute now. Nice jab for Pettis. Crips left for him and a kick.

Another little flurry from Pettis. Two right hands get through and Moraga is unable to land on the counter. Pettis then surprises Moraga with a takedown in the dying seconds of the fight which will help his cause as we head to the scorecards.


Solid win for Pettis here against a respectable opponent, earning a unanimous decision verdict from the three judges (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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