Soa Palelei Defeats Walt Harris By TKO At UFC Fight Night 55

Soa Palelei was able to show off some striking tonight against Walt Harris at UFC Fight Night 55 after initially struggling to get his opponent to the mat, but after eventually doing so late in the second round he was quickly able to secure a TKO stoppage via ground and pound.

Round One:

The two heavyweights start cautiously. Palelei bundles forward into a takedown attempt, but is unsucessful and clinches up against the cage before they break apart.

Low leg kicks from Harris. Palelei with another takedown attempt that’s stuffed. Harris with the occasional kick or punch, but he’s taking his time here, more than likely of getting taken down if he overcommits. Nice left hand from Harris gets through.

Big head kick from Palelei, but it’s blocked. Crushing body kick from Harris. Harris has been targeting the body with punches too so far this round, perhaps looking to wear down Palelei’s gas tank which has been somewhat limited in the past. Another high kick from Palelei now as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Slow pace in the first round, let’s see if it picks up in the second. Low kick from Harris and a punch to the body. Palelei responds with a hard leg kick that knocks Harris off balance a little.

Harris lands a punch that Palelei definitely felt. Left hand just misses from Palelei, but he connects with a hard right that backs his opponent up.

Palelei starting to find a home for his punches now. Harris with a few of his own now and another hard body kick.

Both men still pacing themselves, but Palelei is pushing forward more often and throws up another high kick. He moves in on a takedown attempt against the cage and this time he is able to pull Harris to the mat.

Palelei dropping down a few strikes from half guard. He’s moving up to mount now. Harris gives up his back and Palelei unleashes some ground and pound blows. The round is coming to an end, but Harris is fading rapidly and just resorting to covering up, so the referee decides he’s seen enough – TKO win for Palelei with 4.49mins of the second round gone!

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