Stefan Struve oustruck Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira over the course of three rounds at UFC 190 in Brazil tonight, appearing to have him hurt at times, but was unable to find a away to finish the 39 year-old veteran.

Round One:

Struve with a jab to start. Nogueira gets through with a left hook and then clinches up against the cage with the much bigger struve.

He lands a knee. Struve tries to reverse the position and they both jockey for position against the cage. Another knee for Nogueira. He tries for a trip, but nothing doing. Nogueira working on a single leg takedown, but again it doesn’t pay off.

Struve reverses briefly, then Nogueira does the same. They break away and Struve instantly lands a punch that seems to hurt Nogueira, but he moves quickly back into the clinch.

Struve pushes him away and lands a clattering right hand. More clinch work from Nogueira. Nogueira tries for a takedown, but struve ends up almost on top. They stand back up.

Struve looking to work from range, firing off a head kick attempt. More kicks from him. Nogueira marches forward hitting home with a few strikes of his own that Struve definitely felt. They clinch and separate.

Solid leg kick for Struve. Left hand gets through for Nogueira, but one lands in return too.

Struve steps into a big leg kick and lands a nice right hand too at the end of the round.

Round Two:

Solid leg kick from Struve. Nogueira with the jab. Another leg kick from Struve. Nogueira connects with a few punches to the head as he closes the distance and clinches against the cage.

Nogueira manages to shunt around to Struve’s back and then drags him to the mat. He’s looking for the rear-nake choke, but Struve defends and rolls to his back. Nogueira is in full mount, but Struve manages to buck him off and soon after returns to his feet.

Back to striking range then and Nogueira coming forward with punches, but Struve backs away. Uppercut from Struve just swipes past his opponents head. Nogueira clinching and looking for a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off and they separate.

A few strikes connect for Struve and he’s working some kicks too. Nogueira back to the clinch. He’s working the single leg and almost gets his back again.

Struve gets some distance and tags Nogueira with an uppercut. Solid leg kicks from Struve. Front kick to the body too. Nogueira with a couple of leg kicks of his own.

Another uppercut just wings past Nogueira’s head. Another front kick to the body from Struve and a powerful leg kick.

Nice knee from Struve and he lands a right hand too. Nogueira returns to the clinch game against the fence, perhaps wisely as he’s struggling at range. He’s having a hard time bringing the big man to the mat though and Struve ends the round with a knee.

Round Three:

Front kick from Struve. He lands a couple of punches and Nogueira looks to counter. Head kick from Struve that’s blocked. Nogueira clinches and works hard for a takedown, and he gets it, but Struve stands right back up and then pushes him away.

Struve looks for the muay thai clinch and throws up a knee that misses. The break apart and Struve lands a punch. Nogueira now getting a right hand through. Powerful leg kicks from Struve and then a good knee to the midsection.

Another knee from Struve and Nogueira upstairs with punches. Struve blasts in the leg kick. Nogueira presses forward, but Struve backs up and lands the leg kick again.

Nogueira clinches up as we approach the half-way point of the final round. Struve circles away. He lands the inside leg this time. He does so again and then an uppercut attempt. Big head kick for Struve, but Nogueira just eats it and marches forward into the clinch.

He’s back thinking about the single leg, but Struve lands an elbow and he gives up on that, but remains in the clinch.

Struve manages to circle away again. Nogueira lands a punch, but gets caught with a leg kick. Right hand scores for Struve. Jab snaps back Nogueira’s head. Struve working the jab then lands a left hook.

Right a left and then a power leg kick from Struve. Nice combo there. He’s not going all out for the finish, but he’s landing some nice clean shots in the closing stages of the round.

Nogueira clinches briefly then they separate in the final 10 seocnds. Struve back to tagging him with a few more strikes to end the round.


Nogueira proves he’s still exceptionally tough, but Struve was clearly oustriking him there and he earns himself a clean sweep on the judges scorecards (30-27 x3).

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