Stefan Struve Submits Daniel Omielanczuk With D’arce Choke At UFC 204

Stefan Struve showed off his submission skills tonight at UFC 204, tapping out Daniel Omielanczuk in the second round with a d’arce choke.

Round One:

Omielanczuk with the early leg kick against the much bigger man. He comes wading forward with punches and then a kick as Struve backs away.

Struve misses with a front kick. Leg kick for Omielanczuk. Oblique kick for Omielanczuk. Rangey front kicks from Struve, then he tries a head kick that’s blocked.

Left hand lands for Omielanczuk. Hard knee strike to the body from Struve. Now a body kick from Skyscraper too and a leg kick from his opponent.

Three-piece combination for Omielanczuk. Head kick for Struve, then Omielanczuk wings more heavy leather his way. Not technical from him, but it’s still having an impact.

Struve with the takedown for a moment, then Omielanczuk is up and into the clinch. Struve able to land a nice takedown now though, working from half guard.

Good spot for Struve as he has a distinct advantage on the mat. He’s being very patient here though. That pays off for him as he’s able to take his opponets back as they head into the final minute of the opening round.

Struve almost into full mount just for a moment, then happily settles for retaining back mount. He’s trying to dig his arm in for the choke, but it doesn’t work out and he just rides back control until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Early clinch attempt from Omielanczuk and Struve almost executes a hip toss. Omielanczuk successful in pressing the bigger man against the cage though.

Left hook from Omielanczuk, but Struve reverses the clinch against the cage. Thai clinch from Struve and fires off a big knee strike, then Omielanczuk takes control of the clinch again.

However, Struve is able to lands a nice takedown and has three and a half minutes to work. Struve goes for a d’arce choke and after making the necessary adjustments to his position he gets it in tight and forces Omielanczuk to tap!

Nice win for Struve, showing off his clearly superior ground skills to earn his second win in a row.

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