Stephan Bonnar has been handed a one year suspension from MMA after testing positive for steroids following his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 153 last month.

It won’t matter to much to the 35 year-old given that he had already announced his retirement from the sport, but you have to wonder whether the suspension had any part to play in that decision.

Meanwhile Dave Herman who also failed a drugs test at UFC 153 after marijuana barbiturates were found in his system could be facing a more unusual punishment.

Since the event was held in Brazil it’s down to the UFC’s discretion how to handle the matter, and they are considering an alternative strategy for dealing with those caught using marijuana which could revolve around some form of rehabilitation.

“We feel very strongly that there’s a big difference between PED’s and marijuana,” the UFC’s Marc Ratner tells MMAfighting. “We think the commissions do a good job with PEDs, but we think with marijuana there should be some form of rehab involved, going through that kind of process and learning about it.”