Stephan Bonnar Reacts To Anderson Silva Loss

Stephan Bonnar became Anderson Silva’s latest victim in Rio at UFC 153 on Saturday night, and ‘The American Psycho’ has been talking about the knee that stopped him dead in his tracks late in the first round of the fight.

“Not injured, just caught with a perfect knee to the solar plex and it paralyzed me, was just getting movement back when fight was stopped,” Bonnar revealed on Twitter.

Prior to being offered Saturday night’s bout Bonnar had been mulling over the idea of retiring, but by the sounds of things we will see him in the Octagon again.

“Thanks to everyone for the support, I’m so sorry I lost. I feel so bad for letting my fans down, but I promise to make it up to you.”

For the time being though Bonnar has other matters to attend to. He made it safely back to the U.S in Dana White’s private jet yesterday and is now heading home where his wife is due to give birth any day now.


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